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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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October Monday 14 1912

Fine to day. and dry. we have taken up potatoes to day. it is an unpleasant job on account of the terrible percentage of rotten ones, we made up the quantity lifted and put into the stable 34 pails, we put them into the cow stall. mailed letter to Alex. Springfield also a card to Mrs Garbut Peterson. Maggie has helped pick the potatoes. {W.R.M.} digging up the potatoes, 34 pails taken in which we expect may be sound.

Tuesday 15

Frosty last night and quite a cold wind all day - we had nearly 8 rows of potatoes to take up this morning and I got a fair start at them and finished the digging of them before dinner. Maggie and I picked them and I wheeled them to the stable in the afternoon. it was very cold as a high cold wind prevailed all the time. the ground is strewed with rotten potatoes. but, for all that, we made up out pile to 62 pails of what we call good, of course, there are some that may have to be thrown out on a second inspection. {W.R.M.} finished digging the potatoes 62 pails of what we think is good. the ground is covered with rotten + tainted ones.

Wednesday 16

Very hard frost last night, Ewart told me the ground carried him on the plowed land. I chanced it up to Ewarts this morning, in order to prepare for working at the horse stable tomorrow with Robert Parky, on going up however. I found that Gertie had been sick since 11 oclock last night, and Ewart had driven to Rockwood to see the doctor, the telephone being out of repair, the doctor being engaged there - was considerable delay entailed. he expected to get up there about 9 a.m. but it was nearly noon before he reached there, and Gertie was suffering up to that time. she was releaved at about 3 oclock, but the child was dead, a pretty little boy. on coming home tonight. I cancelled the engagement with Parker for tomorrow, on account of Gerties illness {W.R.M.} trouble at Ewarts to day Gertie confined Baby dead. Robert Parker was coming to day to work at horse stable - but we stopt him.

Thursday 14

Frost again last night and to day has been fine and clear sunshine and a little cool. Gertie has had a very good day and gives good hopes of being soon over her trouble, the doctor took a run up to see her to day. and he was well pleased to find her so well. I plowed quite a piece to day, we would have liked to have Parker on tomorrow, but he couldn't promise to come anytime soon on account of having on hand Maude's pig pen. {W.R.M.} took up the other 2 rolls of felt (tar) and paid $3.50 for the 3 rolls. I plowed quite a piece to day Parker cannot come to us now

Friday 18

Extremely misty this morning, but it eventually cleared up to be moderately fine until 5 oclock at night when rain set in. visitors at the show would have a bad home coming on account of the rain. I have plowed to day for Ewart he worked at the stable got the wall ready for sheeting. next to the lane. Maggie left here to go to Erin with the McKenzies, she rode with me this morning to the Town Line where we met John McKenzie coming to meet her. Gertie seems to be doing nicely she was visited by her 2 sisters. Mrs. Mary Aitrows{?}, and Emma. Mrs Baldick and Mr{?} Wm Peavoy are in charge and are doing nicely. Errett + I drove home this evening. {W.R.M.} Erin show to day. plowed to day for Ewart Gerties doing well. Maggie at Erin show to day.

Saturday 19

Cool to day but fine after the rain of last night which was very heavy, Errett and I drove up to the farm this morning, and I plowed all day in the gang plowed pear land doing a fair day's work. Ewart fixed in the studding on to the plank on the end of the stable in the cattle shed. he spiked on 2X4 pieces to the old studs. he also picked the balance of his apples, Ewart drove me home in the buggy. {W.R.M.} I have plowed all day at Ewarts. Ewart working at stable the while. also picking their apples.

Sunday 20

Beautiful weather today, bright sunshine and fairly warm, Bella McKenzie was at church this forenoon, Maggie both meeting we had several visitors. I read considerable, but needed and took rest, tired from yesterdays work. {W.R.M.} tired and resting to day reading also

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