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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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October Monday 21 1912

White frost as usual last night. but beautiful weather through the day. Maggie and I sorted and laid by our potatoes in the cellar. 5 bags to Mary's cellar, and 7 1/2 to our own. 5 pails to the bag. we had fully 4 pails to throw out at the second sorting. Geo. Loree dug his to day. he considered he had but 5 bags altogether of good ones. a large crop is left on the ground. I went up to the Dougald Robertson this afternoon, to engage him to help us at the stable, he promised to go on Wednesday morning. I rode across the concession with James Henry Reed{?} in his Auto to Smiths Cor. Ewart was down this evening, Errett comes with buggy tomorrow evening. {W.R.M.} laying past our potatoes an auto ride Geo Loree digging his potatoes engaged Dug Roberston to help at the horse stable

Tuesday 22

Very dull and indications of rain impending this morning, but little rain fell this forenoon however. afternoon it was very dissagreeable as rain fell continuously, and on in the night it fell heavily. I drove up in the buggy to Ewarts, Errett brought Prince and buggy down as he went to school. I finished the plowing of the big field behind the orchard. Ewart went a couple of rounds on head lands, but had to quit on account of the rain. he lined up quite a bit of the end of the stable in the cattle shed. {W.R.M.} rain this afternoon interfering with our work.

Wednesday 23

Quite dull and threatning rain this morning. the wind high and temperature low made it anything but comfortable to the exposed, however, as the day advanced matters changed for the better, I drove up this morning with Prince + buggy. and took Dougald Robertson along. he + Ewart put in the end of the horse stable, by putting in 4 or 7{?} studdings, the doorway and 2 windows. and the outside lining we intend continuing at it tomorrow (weather permitting) I plowed all day. in the back field, (south). Ewart has been looking after the threshers {W.R.M.} dissagreeable weather, Dougald Robertson helping at horse stable. Ewart looking after threshers

Thursday 24

Continues dull and lowering, rained an hour or so about 11 a.m. I called again for Dougald Robertson, we took in a couple of loads of turnips before leaving for Ewarts. we lined up perhaps an hour or little more before dinner, but rain coming on had to quit about 11 oclock. after dinner we continued the lining and finished the side next the lane Ewart drove to Rockwood this afternoon, and Dougald + I drove home after tea {W.R.M.} Dougald Robertson and I at work at Ewarts horse stable.

Friday 25

Weather yet quite unsettled, and an unpleasant drizzling of rain has prevailed the greater part of the day. more especially in the afternoon I plowed at Ewarts the greater part of the day. the machine did not arrive at Charlie Duffield's place till after 3 oclock. and as the rain came on harder a little while after that they decided not to continue the thresh-ing. abd Ewart came home and took the plow in hand as it slackened off again I drove home this evening and I {W.R.M.} unpleasant weather - plowing at Ewarts.

Saturday 26

Cold, but sunshine again and pleasant. the land is very wet, but Errett + I took in 4 loads of swede turnips, one before dinner, and 3 after. came home before tea. Errett driving me down to Smith's Corner Ewart attended Charlie Duffield's threshing. they finished there, and filled the tank for Ewart's threshing on Monday. I spoke to Jamie Duffield for 2 lbs n. spy apples price $1.50 per Ba. {W.R.M.} Errett + I took in 4 loads of swede turnips to day ordered two B lbs apples of Jamie Duffield

Sunday 27

The weather much improved this morning and the day has been fine throughout. Bella here this morning to church Maggie then twice, quite a number of visitors to day. I began a letter to Bro. Alex. Meaford, but on account of the visitors was prevented from going on with it, especially Kenneth McDogal who came late to see us, and remained till about bed time {W.R.M.} better weather letter writing to Bro. Alex Meaford. Kenneth Mr Dougal paid us a visit

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