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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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October Monday 28 1912

Dull day with a cold raw, wind. and threatning rain some Errett drove down this morning to take his Auntie Maggie up to Ewart's threshing to day. they started to thresh about 7. and took but, a short spell at dinner time. and had done about one oclock. they then went right on at Johnny's and may have threshed his out by night Mary staid with Mother + I to day. this being thanksgiving day. Harold went up with them. Errett drove he and Aunt Maggie down before dark. I cut up some stove wood and put it into the wood house, also lifted the cabbage and wheeled them to the stable. bought 100 lb sack of Redpath sugar for $5.25 and paid by check. gave a 10 dollar cheque and got the balance in cash. {W.R.M.} Thanksgiving day. Ewart threshed to day. Maggie there helping them Mary here Keeping house 100 lbs sugar a $10.00 chick to Marshall

Tuesday 29

A very fine day, not very cold, rather mild if anything I went up to Ewarts this morning with Prince + buggy. Errett drove him down as he went school. I plowed to day. in the back field (south) 5 1/2 rods wide. just an acre or so. barring a strip in a low place in the filed that is very strong, it was very pleasant work. I made arrangements to go to Erin tomorrow if good weather tosurhes{?}. Tolton, and get a storm sash and staff to make a stable door {W.R.M.} went up to Ewarts and plowed an acre arranging to go to Erin tomorrow

Wednesday 30

Dull and threatning rain this morning. but kept dry after all. Errett drove the horse + buggy for me this morning. and I drove to Erin, reaching there in about an hour + half drive. I paid a nice little visit to the Stephans had my dinner there, along with a Mr Hedden, one of the disciple preachers. I think Uncle Thomas is becoming more feeble as time passes I got stuff (tongued{?} + grooved) for making the stable door, and a storm sash for the parlor window from Mundell. $1.95. paid. I also paid Dougal Robertson $1.50 this morning, as I passed for his work at stable {W.R.M.} drove to Erin to day had dinner with Uncle Thomas Tolton paid Mundell for sash + door stuff. also paid Dougald Robertson for work

Thursday 31

Mild to day. but overcast this afternoon. Mary + I drove up to Ewarts this morning. Errett drove down the horse + buggy. instead of plowing I worked at horse stable. got it ready for shingling at dinner time Mary helped me to place the tar felt on the 36 foot wall the lawn{?} and I put on 4 rows of shingles, by about 4:30 when we hitched up and drove away at 1/4 to 5. so as to meet Errett and send the horse and buggy home. Ewart was at Coffey's threshing and got quite sick he had to come home early and get hot drinks and go to bed. Gertie sat up to day for the first time out of the bed since taking to it. {W.R.M.} Mary + I drove up to Ewarts this morning putting on the tar felt and shingling Ewart at Coffey threshing and got sick

Friday Nov 1.

Halloween night, {Written above line} last night {Back on line} and some rain falling, it is very dark. but the youngsters are out making noise, and likely playing tricks this has been a very cold day, especially as the wind has been high I rode up to Ewarts this morning with Al Young, he was at the mill with a load of chop. I did a little shingling, but had to put on the tar felt against a terribly high + cold wind blowing which made it tedious and unpleasant work. drove home this evening as I intend going up in {W.R.M.} went again to Ewarts could not get along well with high + cold wind.

Saturday 2

Very hard frost last night, and the land is quite hard frozen. we got word there is now coal in Rockwood, and that we can get it to day or Monday. so drove up to Ewarts to help to day or Monday. whichever suits him best. he thought we had better draw in some turnips so we took in 5 loads of white. and in the afternoon took in 3 loads swedes . The latter could not he cleaned very well on account of the {Undecipherable word} mud Errett + I drove down with Prince + buggy. Ewart not well after the threshing {W.R.M.} up again at Ewarts helping take in turnips Ewart unwell after threshing

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