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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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November Sunday 3 1912

Frost again last night, but the day turned out fine Errett drove down the horse + buggy this morning and walked home again after s. school was out. I drove up this afternoon so as to be ready to go to Rockwood tomorrow morning for coal {W.R.M.} Errett here to day, I drove up to Ewarts stayed all night.

Monday 4

Cold + frosty last night, but the day was fairly mild though I had my fur coat wearing, started from Ewarts at about 8.30, reaching Rockwood about 10 oclock. Lundry was out of the Chesnut coal and I had to take Pea coal. 2640 . $5.75 per lbs = $7.63 got back to Everton shortly after one oclock. on getting dinner and the load off. it was past 3. so I drove to the school and got Errett to take the horses + wagon home. I went across nearly to the town line to see him safe from Antos. lifted ten dollars out of Bank. to pay coal +c. {W.R.M.} drove to Rock wood for coal got pea coal 2640lbs @5.75 = $7.63 took $10.00 out of Bank

Tuesday 5

A fine day. Errett drove down the horse + buggy for me this morning and I drove up to Ewarts. got a bag of shorts at the mill for him Ewart sent a 2 dollars to pay for it which I paid and gave him back 15c change. I got on some tar felt. and shingled quite a piece of the stable wall to day. Ewart took in 4 or 5 loads of turnips finishing what he had up, Mr + Mrs Welsman paid a visit to Ewart's folks, the Welsmans proposed me riding to Everton with them, and I gladly accepted as it saved hitching up the other horse. Maggie had a busy day at home, cleaning up + changing things in the bed rooms. {W.R.M.} drove up to Ewarts pit on tar felt and shingled Mr + Mrs Welsman visit at Ewarts and I rode home with them.

Wednesday 6

very dull this morning, but, as the weather - frequently turns fine after just such a morning. I expected Errett to bring down the horse + buggy for me, as I told Ewart that I wished to stick at the shingling until about done with it, and I set out on foot expecting to meet Errett on the road Errett had come to school without bringing the horse but had not been seen by the folks at the corner, so I continued my walk all the way up. I delivered the book, Byron poetry, to Mrs Campbell, that I had on loan. Ewart was just starting off with a load of chop to the mill when I reached there and because I complained because he had not seen that Errett took the buggy in accordance with the reason I have started, he flew off at the - handle and said things he should not have said. rain came on very hard this afternoon. and I drove down the buggy to meet Errett coming from school, I turned at W y. Grays gate and walked home {W.R.M.} walked all the way up to Ewarts expected Errett to bring the horse delivered book to Mrs Campbell Byron's work.

Thursday 7

The heavy rain of last night ceased through the night, and this day has been fair, but continued dull and threatning looking Bella McKenzie with Willie + Maggie came along on a visit this afternoon, Willie had just arrived home last night, he reached Guelph on Tuesday night and he came along with Mrs Baptie yesterday. Willie is not enchanted with the north west, he had a nice visit at Edmonton and says he was well treated by the friends James Duffield delivered 2 barrels n. spy apples for which I paid him $3.00. three dollars is reasonable {W.R.M.} Bella McKenzie came along with Willie + Maggie Willie just now arrived from Manitoba James Duffield delivered 2 barrels N.S. apples. paid three dollars

Friday 8

Weather very unsettled yet. this morning and forenoon gave promise of turning fine, but, like many other of the days of this season it went the wrong way. and rain set in again in earnest, I hitched to the buggie in time to meet Errett at the corner and from there I walked home. I made out to shingle some this forenoon. Ewart was hauling out manure {W.R.M.} shingling some at Ewarts Ewart hauling out manure

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