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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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November Saturday 9 1912

Weather improved considerably to day. the sun shone out some, but not very much. the rain of yesterday wet up all the surroundings again. the cellar is flooded with water. others near by are in the condition, I have been at home to day, and been very busy choring around, getting some of the storm windows in line cleaning out the outhouse. pulling the corn stalks at Marys, and putting them up over the stable, repaired Nettie Abbotts shoes +c. {W.R.M.} busy choring to day. fixing the storm windows repairing shoes cellar flooded

Sunday 10

Weather fairly fine to day. I was reading and kept pretty close to the house the greater part of the day. the war news is rather alarming at the present time, and I was perusing the portions of the Prophets which deals with the final winding up of the nations of the world during the latter days. Bella was here to day, and Willie also later on, he expected his mother was here and called to take her home {W.R.M.} reading and resting. the war news is interesting and rather alarming Willie McKenzie here

Monday 11

A very fine day. Mild and dry, Errett drove down Prince and buggy this morning, he went to school, and I drove up to Ewarts Ewart and I both worked at the end of the stable and we finished it up by night, putting on the tar felt. and shingled the balance of the wall next the lane. nailing on the old - siding under the eves, we had to nail up and erect scaffolding to do the shingling +c. Mother has been fairly well for her to day {W.R.M.} up at Ewarts both working at the stable putting on tar felt and shingling

Tuesday 12

Quite mild and misty morning, and although the horse + buggy were here all night I somewhat hesitated to go up to Ewarts I drove up however, and it was just as well I did so, as we got quite a move forward with the work on the horse stable. Ewart helped me about a couple of hours before dinner, to put on 2 widths of the tar felt and shingle some. Ewart plowed after dinner, and I continued the shingling as far as the 63 inches would let me. the roll is 32 inches wide, and we lap it an inch. Ewart drove down with me this evening. Gertie + her mother got us to move the cook stove to day. they are preparing for winter. {drove up again to Ewarts. both working at the horse stable moved their cook stove into their living room

Wednesday 13

A very rainy day. I did not go up to Ewarts to day, the weather was so forbidding that I remained at home not doing much of anything. somewhat interested upon the arrival of the mail, with the detailed accounts of the Turkey Balkan war, in which the Turk is getting worsted badly {W.R.M.} rainy, stopt at home Percy Peavoy helped Ewart at stable

Thursday 14

A very fine day, dry and some sunshine rather a rarity this season. I drove up to Ewarts this morning. Errett brought down the horse + buggy for me on his way to school. Gertie and her mother drove down with the little mare and paid a visit to Mother + Maggie. I was much pleased to find that Ewart had the end of the stable next the shed felted + shingled, he did it yesterday with the help of Peavoy in the afternoon. Peavoy offered to help him, which of course, was gratefully accepted. to day, Ewart + myself finished up the end excepting the inside lining of the wall of the stable next the house. we had the door to fit + hang, and to put on the third of the felt and finished shingling it looks as if now it will be a comfortable stable and am glad to see it seemingly done {W.R.M.} Geo. Marshall cashed a cheque for fifteen dollars for me. I drove up to Ewarts, and we hung the door on stable and and some shingling Gertie + her mother visit folks at Everton

Friday 15

Hard frost last night, and the land is quite hard frozen this morning. but more comfortable than when muddy, to get around assisted Mary to fix up her doors to make them warmer for winter. have been working at out stable floor, it is badly out of repair, and cutting wood for stove +c. {W.R.M.} Hard frost set in helped Mary some and fixing floor of our stable +c

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