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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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November Saturday 16 1912

Frosty again last night and the ground is quite hard it is said the plow was shut out this forenoon, but running this afternoon. saved some cedar stove wood in two for kindling filling up the wh holes in stables + drive house with earth and intend to further repair stable floor, Harold has been exposing himself too much and is not at all well to night. Maggie McKenzie is here to night. {W.R.M.} rather frosty for plowing choring and stable fixing. Maggie McKenzie here

Sunday 17

A fine day, the surroundings are more pleasant than when mud + mire has reigned supreme, Bella McKenzie has been at church this forenoon and evening and with us during the interval{?}. we paid her 8 dollars for butter received. there was also 2 dollars paid for her recently . ten dollars in all. Harold is rather a sick boy, and is very uneasy + troublesome at night {W.R.M.} a son of Wm Greives died last night. he has been long ill from Brights disease of Kidneys settled with Bella for butter

Monday 18

Frosty again last night, but only moderate. the day has been fine throughout. I have been quite busy fixing up things around. storing away cabbages, glazed the parlor storm sash after getting the 4 large panels from G. Marshall, paid him 85c for them, and 15c for clothes line $1.00 in all. {W.R.M.} choring settled with Marshall for storm sash storing cabbages in cellar.

Tuesday 19

Slight frost last night. succeeded by a beautiful day. Thus ev'g is very fine with but little frost. I chanced it up to Ewarts this morning with Geo. Marshall and Robt. McWilliams, who were cutting wood at the latter place. I took a quantity of lumber out of the stone piggery and had a hard job cleaning it. it formed the poultry house and was very filthy. there is yet more to be taken out, and I may go at it tomorrow again. I lined a part of the end of stable with it. Harold went to school although not very well. Mr Grieves Junr was buried to day. Ewart is nearly done plowing the front field south, Gertie has not been well the last 2 or 3 days. Ewarts gave me a ride to the top of the hill at Grays on gravel. {W.R.M.} chanced it up to Ewarts. taking down and out the lumber out of piggery and cleaning it young Greives buried to day

Wednesday 20

Another fine day, it looks much like indian summer it is very acceptable this pleasant weather after such a long spell of unpleasant weather. I was again at Ewarts and taking out of the old piggery the greater part of the lumber comprising the double floor on upper flat. I had quite a unpleasant job in cleaning it. quit early and took home Prince + buggy to be ready in the morning. {W.R.M.} again at Ewarts, sorting the lumber of piggery. brought Prince down home to be ready for tomorrow.

Thursday 21

A most beautiful day for this time of the year. Maggie + I started off in fair time for John Roszels sale, I took Prince there intending to put him up for sale, it was late however, before they got through and the horses were the last thing, {Above line} sold {Back on line} expecting the grain, so there was a poor chance of selling him. Mr Nevils of Orton wanted to buy him, but would not go my price John's horses brought nearly $1100.00 and the cattle also went high, one con{?} brought $80.00. don't know how much the sale amounted to at this writing. {W.R.M.} at John Raszels Auction sale. put up Prince for sale but did not sell John's sale a success.

Friday 22

Weather keep fine, Ewart finished his plowing entirely up shortly after dinner to day. the front field of sod, and the back field. south also. had a paper from Alex. Spdg. Alex has been nominated for an alderman but would not stand. I helped Ewart to haul in his stove wood. Ewart tells me he had offered me $40.00 for Prince before I took him to the sale. I did not understand it so, and suppose that now, as I offered him for that I told him I would not go back on his offer. an old account of Josiah Stewarts received from him to day, of Sep. 14th 1911 and Dec. 1911, are found to be an error. though not being cancelled in their books, it is not good business {W.R.M.} Ewart done plowing for season sold Prince to Ewart. I helped to draw in the stove wood an old account of Josiah Stewarts cancelled, a mistake regarding it Miss Mitchell laid up to day, with Quinsey{?} no school

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