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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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November Saturday 23 1912

East wind, and cold and, raw, has prevailed to day. great rings round the moon at night several times lately would seem to forebode storm ahead but nothing has, as yet, come of it. Errett drove down the horse + buggy to day, and I went up an helped Ewart to finish up the hauling of his stove wood into the wood house, from the barn yard he drew some hard wood. that he had cut up from the bush also. we drew a quantity of lumber that I had cleaned and prepared out of the stone piggery to the {Written above line} straw {Back on line} shed above. also have some prepared to take to Everton. {W.R.M.} looks like an impending storm but nothing comes helped Ewart to draw his stove wood. working also at lumber

Sunday 24

Dull and threatning and before bed time quite a white mantle covered the ground, Amos Tovell has been holding forth in disciple church A.M. + P.M. to day. Maggie went with the McKenzie's at the dinner hour, and Mary filled her place here, George {Written above line} Loree {Back on line} + Bella Stewart also dined with us {W.R.M.} Maggie at McKenzies Mary + Geo. Loree and Bella Stewart here

Monday 25

The first fall of snow of any consequence of the season, and a small one at that, the snow fell on soft ground and it is hardening from frost to day. I have been at home to day, and fixing up things some. Maggie and I put up the new storm window for the parlor. we also put away 2 barrels of spy apples. purchased from James Duffield, into the cellar. Ewart was down at the mill with a load of chop, and brought is a quantity of the old lumber from the stone highhouse and we put it up in the loft in driving house. I also bought 5 hemlock planks, 8 feet long, from Wm Horton. 48 24 feet, 96 48 feet inch 2c per foot = 96 c unpaid.

Tuesday 26

Quite a wintry day. pretty cold, but moderately frosty. looks like we may have some cold weather. it has taken a large part of the afternoon to sew up and repair Ewarts old leather leggings. our hens are continuing to lay a few eggs daily, 2 or 3 a day. Maggie got 38 c a dozen from Marshall yesterday. Blakely inclined to quarrel with Geo. Weatherston now that the term has expired that he was bound over to keep the peace. Karisty{?} McKenzie, John's Cousin, has, we hear, committed suicide by hanging, she is to be buried tomorrow afternoon. Bella here to day. {W.R.M.} repairing Ewarts leggings Blakeley ugly with George Weatherston Maggie sold eggs at 38c to day.

Wednesday 27

Wintry, but only moderately frosty, the little snow has been wasting some and we are thinking it might all go soon again. The day has been fairly fine, we hung the Kitchen storm door to day. The 2 have lately been painted and they dont dry well, or we would have had both hung before now, I have been laying the stable floor. The funeral of Christy McKenzie took place this afternoon, we were told they were to start from - Guelph at 2 P.M. and I figured they would reach the Cemetery here about 4 oclock. so I started up there and came in sight of the cemetery between 15+20 minutes to 4. but was told by Geo. Weatherston while unloading a load of hay at McCutcheons that the burial had taken place a half hour before and that they were all away. some disappointed I returned home. received a letter from Bro. James. {W.R.M.} Burial of Christie McKenzie this afternoon. She committed suicide John and Willie McKenzie there received a letter from Bro. James Meaford. putting on storm windows and other choring

Thursday 28

Fairly fine to day, indeed it may be termed very fine for this day of the year. Miss Mitchell resumed teaching to day, although not well. I laid the floor in stable compete to day, plank below with inch covering Geo. Loree is threshing to day with Barbeis{?} machine, have the inch lumber in drive loft. {W.R.M.} miss Mitchell opened school again to day closed school last Friday stable floor

Friday 29

Colder to day and threatnes a storm, but does not materialize I have wheeled and piled all the hardwood short cut for the range into the wood house, also the block for the heater. put on the front storm doors, we now have all the storm windows and doors on. {W.R.M.} piling maple + beach short - wood in house also Blocks for heat.

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