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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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November + December Saturday 30 1912

The threatnings of change in the weather have not materialized into anything of consequence, this has been a very fine day for this - time of the year. these has been great traffic to and from the mill store + blacksmith shop. I expected a stray letter might turn up from some far away friends, but nothing appeared. The news from the seat of war in the Balkans is a little more pacific. it is - thought an armistice may be established for awhile, I have been cleaning up the yard to day cutting up boards + other {Written above line} small {Back on line} timber into stove lengths. {W.R.M.} fine weather for this time of year. friends long in writing war news interesting

Sunday Dec. 1

Dull day, but very moderate in temperature, the little snow that has covered the ground these few days back is pretty well melted off. Maggie McKenzie has been with us to day. Ewart + Gertie + Errett have also been with us this afternoon. Gertie remained with us till church time, while Ewart drove up home with the 2 boys, and returned after seeing to the chores. Mary has been away to day. Geo. Loree here this evening, Geo. Robertson + wife here awhile also. {W.R.M.} Ewart Gertie + Errett here Maggie Mc Kenzie also Geo. Robertson + wife

Monday 2

Dull and rainy this forenoon, cleared up some in the afternoon, but wet and disagreeable under foot. people have to keep in doors mostly. some drove out to the mill after dinner, but nothing done in the forenoon. mailed letter to Alex Spg'f'd {W.R.M.} Wm Hortop cashed a 15 dollar check for me, got $1.85 chick feed he owes me 15c change

Tuesday 3

A very fine day. Errett drove down Prince + buggy this morning as he went to school. and I drove up to Ewarts, we butchered a sheep before dinner and dressed it, it was a very nice shearling, but her udder went wrong and Ewart was afraid to rick risk keeping her for breeding. after dinner we lined the passage ahead of the horses, on the barn side, with tar felt, and put on old Barn Siding to keep it straight. {W.R.M.} at Ewarts, killed and dressed a sheep he had a valuable ewe to die other day helping to line the horse passage with tar felt. Ewart drove me home this e'vg

Wednesday 4

Soft weather, but cold + raw wind makes it unpleasant. I half soled and partially heeled a pair of shoes for Maggie McKenzie to day. Harold has gone to school all week so far. got a nice piece of mutton from Ewart. too bad for him to lose so adorable{?} a ewe lately he says he would not have taken 15 dollars for her. {W.R.M} Ewart lost a fine ewe

Thursday 5

This term of soft + damp weather continues on but it is raw and cold, which makes it unpleasant to be exposed to. I have been lining up the horse stable on the south side, and putting on tar felt, and nailing on top. the old siding boards that covered the horse stable on the farm and which Ewart brought down under a load of chops. they now answer a good purpose {W.R.M.} up at Ewarts putting on the tar felt Ewart brought down the old siding boards

Friday 6

The soft spell continues, but the cold is increasing and pointing to frost + cold this evening. Errett brought down Prince + buggy for me this morning, to take to Rockwood meeting of the B.O.H. I requested that me should meet early, as the days are short and nights dark + dreary, but the clerk + Reeve were so late in appearing that it was about 4.30 before any business was done. the doctor's Report was read and adopted, and his Bill presented. $14,05. the Bill of members were then made out. only 2 meetings having been held. John Farries' Bill for disinfecting +c was $13. mine 4 dollars for the meetings. and $4.00 for disinfecting Hortops + Robertsons houses on last years account. making $8.00. the remaining for members being $4.00 each. dark travelling home, kept the horse over night Errett also staid over. John Farries' account was $13.55. {W.R.M.} Board of Health meet-ing at Rockwood paid taxes for Everton into the Bank $2.62. the Bills of members of Board of health kept horse over night

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