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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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December Sunday 15 1912

Moderately fine weather, not at all cold, but not much sunshine, John Webb + wife + daughter started off for home some where between 2 + 3 oclock this afternoon. they carried out poor Bella (Mrs Webb) and placed her in the buggy, she is very helpless, and so very unlike what she has always been we think she has enjoyed her visit fairly well. Mr + Mrs John Roszel drove along before the Webbs were off and their mare took the place in the stable that their horse occupied. they are staying over night with us. Willie McKenzie put his mare into the drive house till after church was over. so that we had a pretty full stable for awhile. {W.R.M.} John Webb + wife + daughter gone home to day John Roszel and wife came on and staying over night. Willie McKenzie here also.

Monday 16

Fine day for this day of the year, Mr + Mrs John Roszel were up and around pretty early, and did not delay long after breakfast they were going to pay McKenzies a visit and have dinner with them. they seemed to enjoy their visit with us. John is good company. they intend moving to Hillsburgh about Jan. 1st when the tenants time is expired. Mother has been kept on the chat{?} pretty steady these two days. she walked into Abbots to see Bella. {W.R.M.} Mr + Mrs John Roszel a way again. mother walked into Abbots to see Bella Webb. James over from Erin

Tuesday 17

An east wind has prevailed all day, and thick + foggy weather overhanging all, not cold, but very unpleasant for all. Mary has been here to day helping at serving and other work I wrote a letter last night to Joseph A McGregor, and finished and mailed it this morning, in reply to his containing the account of his mother's death and burial, have not done much to day, have not felt very well. {W.R.M.} Mary here sewing sent a letter to J. A. M Gregor in reply to his

Wednesday 18

Too fine a day for this day of the year. sunshine and warm, the frost is giving way on the top and makes sloppy walking. Austin McCutcheon brought up 100 of Royal Household and 50 lb of pastry flour from the mill not paid, mailed a letter to Jeenie. Edmonton this morning. {W.R.M.} got a cheque from Treasurer{?} for 8 dollars on Board of health account mailed letter to Edmonton, Jeenie

Thursday 19

Great change in the appearance outside this morning, there has been quite a heavy snow fall through the night. there was no snow last night before dark at least, of any account, and this morning there must be between 4 + 5 inches. the mud ruled yes-terday, and sleighs are running to day. and to night it is preparing for the S.S. entertainment to morrow evening, they are having rehearsal to night. Geo. Loree provided the x tree yesterday {W.R.M.} heavy fall of snow last night gave B.O.H. cheque to Hortop and paid $4.25 for flour also $1.80 for oats 70c + 75 for oat chop for the hens.

Friday 20

A little addition to the snow fall has made fairly good slipping and this has been a very fine winter's day. the S.S. entertainment came off this evening and was a very fair success. There was a very large attendance, Thomas Webb from Eden with his daughter, and Milly Webb were there. put his horse in our stable, Ewart + Gertie were also. Errett + Harold had a part to play. Harold + Irene Eveleigh a short dialogue Killed + dressed 5 rooster chickens they weighed 21 1/2lbs {W.R.M.} S.S. entertainment this evening. Thomas Webb and daughter at it. Ewart + Gertie and Errett here too. Killed 5 roosters weighed 21 1/2lbs good entertainment I + Mother present

Saturday 21

A little snow falling the most of the day and the sleighing is getting better all the time. I have been learning up things in the stable so that we can put in 2 horses. I have now for the most part have the whole building below protected with the tar felt, and the stable part covered over it with old 1/2 inch siding. {W.R.M.} making horse stable ready for reception of horses

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