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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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December + January Saturday 28 1912

Heavy fall of snow to day which was quite soft as it fell. but just cold enough to preserve the snow. I got out of patience waiting for word from Meaford and I mailed a card this morning reminding them that I had written last. and I had been looking a long time for a reply. I fear there is something wrong but hope not. Alex last was written on the 7th Oct. and it is very unusual for him to be so neglectful in writing. {W.R.M.} some sow falling. sent card to Meaford to learn of the cause of this long silence

Sunday 29

Lots of snow on the ground this morning and the merry ring of the sleigh bells will now be heard everywhere the cold is very moderate and the temperature is nearly at the thawing point. Maggie went to McKenzie and Edna Stewart took her place in providing our dinner + supper. Grace Nelson + here Sister Kitty had tea with us. {W.R.M.} more snow good sleighing Maggie to McKenzies to day Grace Nelson and sister Kitty to tea with us

Monday 30

Cold moderate and weather fine. I have been working at Maggies felt Boots. putting on new cloth, the felt had given out. it is a very unpleasant job, had to use the needle instead of bristles {W.R.M.} fixing up Maggies felt Boots to day

Tuesday 31

Very fine day, and the sleighing is excellent. I had quite a job finishing up Maggie's Boots, a troublesome job. had a letter from Bertha Sunter Meaford, saying that her father has lately been quite miserable. he has a sore on his face which causes them great anxiety . I fear it proceeds from the sore he had under his eye and which yielded to treatment. this seems the cause of his long silence in writing. I received a letter from sister Betsy B.C. she speaks of being unwell for some time past. I think the scandal of Joe's divorce may be the cause. we were much shocked by the news. Bella McKenzie here to day helping Maggie. {W.R.M.} received a letter from Bertha Sunter Uncle Alex is quite poorly also got letters from Auntie Betsy B.C. bad news about Joe's domestic relations. divorce and both married again.

new years day. Wednesday. Jan 1

An ideal day for new year, beautiful weather now prevails for the holidays and people are taking advantage of it . we spent a pleasant afternoon entertaining our visitors after partaking of dinner. Ewart + Gertie + Errett, Geo. Loree + Mary, and all the McKenzies, Mother has enjoyed the meeting of so many friends immensely. between social chat and good music we had a very enjoyable time indeed. Ewart's company left early, they were to tea at Baldicks {W.R.M.} Beautiful weather for new years day. had a very plowed gathering of friends. Ewart + Gertie left early to attend Baldicks tea {W.R.M.} Beautiful weather for new years day. had a very plowed gathering of friends. Ewart + Gertie left early to attend Baldicks tea

Thursday 2

Fine weather prevails yet, and the winter is passing along, not doing much these times, a little shoe repairing. Mary is now with us, she + Maggie are making a new overcoat for Harold I mailed a letter to Edmonton, and one to Springfield, this or yesterday morning. Margaret and I are feeling very sorry about Uncle Alex trouble, they will not be able to enjoy the festive season very much, Auntie Betsy, B.C. also is out of sorts {W.R.M.} mailed letter to Edmonton and Springfield Auntie Betsy and Uncle Alex are both unwell shoe repairing

Friday 3

A thaw is on hand to day, softish weather has prevailed now for some time, we are having a very fine mild winter so far. perhaps we may have to pay up for thus yet before spring arrives. Mary has been working at Harolds coat a part of the time. she attended a meeting of their instituted at Welsmans. we had a call from Mr + Mrs Ch-arlton last night. Mrs Wells also, we saw Mr + Mrs Alex. McNiven from north Dakota to day. {W.R.M.} Thawing again Mary working at an over coat for Harold had a call from Mr+ Mrs Charlton saw Mr + Mrs Alex McNiven, N.D.

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