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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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January Saturday 4 1913

Froze up again last night and a little of the snow greases up the sleighing which was in places getting poor. the sleighing now is grand. I have bought a new hand sleigh from Geo. Robertson and Errett + Harold have been running it. they are a little disappointed that it don't run as easily as the old ones that have been worn smooth but it will get over that in time. There was no political meeting at Erin last night. the Guthrie crowd were stuck on the road somehow it was very windy + stormy last night, they may have had an Auto and that would account for it. pasties have great coasting on the hill here these times Ewart was at the mill to day and here awhile. received a letter from R.McGregor {W.R.M.} we understand James Abbott has had a son and heir born to him last night. Hugh Guthrie struck on road to Pa{?} meeting Erin received letter from Roberts McGregor - Toronto.

Sunday 5

Quite a pleasant day, the snow is being preserved although it is about all that can be said of it. Bella has been with us this afternoon. She seems to be passably well, although not so well as she has been for the most part since the operation. I took a walk over to enquire how John Weatherston's daughter was doing, she is considered to be recovering Maggie has been twice, as usual, at church to day, and I have been with mother {W.R.M.} Bella with us to day walked over to John Weatherson enquiring about his sick daughter. she is getting better

Monday 6

A thaw last night and this morning the surroundings are soft and slushy. it was misty + raining this morning. I subscribed to day with Barrie Mutrie for the "Mercury" + "Montreal Herald + Star" have to pay Barrie this week $1.85 for them. have been trying to find out how the Municipal elections have resulted but cannot learn of it. have just heard that Jim Blakely last Sunday - morning assaulted and badly pounded John Symonds because blaming him for stealing away a bottle of whiskey from his premises {W.R.M.} Mrs G.A. Abbott went over to Erin to day on ac of Baby thawing to day Jim Blakely assaulting Jack Simonds yest erday.

Tuesday 7

Slushy to day but getting colder at night fall, which increased to a gale by bed time and the frost + cold also increased. we hear that the smallhorns from Guelph are coming to morrow to live in the Henry brick house next us. so, it would appear that negotiations from Geo. Jestin must have fallen through {W.R.M.} change in weather. rumors about John Henry's brick house

Wednesday 8

Very windy and cold last night, and this morning snow drifts and icy surroundings prevail everywhere. the day has been quite cold. throughout. our thermometer has been saying zero but it used to show 10 degrees two low this however has been a cold day. received a letter from Jeenie Edmonton this afternoon, they intend leaving Edmonton on the 17th inst. to spend awhile in California Ewart delivered a fat sow + his ram lamb at Rockwood today. no range coal in Rockwood. so he couldn't bring us any - {W.R.M.} windy + cold to day. received letter from Jeenie Edmonton Ewart took sow + ram to Rockwood to day.

Thursday 9

A fine winter's day, pretty cold , but not nearly so much as yesterday the sleighing is splendid and the teams are out plentifully. Ewart + Gertie were down to day. Ewart was at the mill, he brought us up a bag of corn for our hens, costing a dollar + five cents. a letter from Aunt Margaret, Meaford to day, is rather doleful. Alex seems much depressed and does not seem to care to write. she says the sore on his face is surely spreading. but does not cause him much pain. and does not interfere much with his rest and sleep. W. Hortop cashed my check for $10.00. Mary here to day sewing {W.R.M.} corn for hen feed $1.05 Ewart + Gertie down here letter from Aunt Margaret Meaford. W.H. Hortop cashed my check for $10. paid Robertson for hand sleigh $1.75.

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