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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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January Friday 10 1913

Quite a heavy thaw this morning. we think it must have been on the most of last night with considerable rain. everything is in a plash all day. Ewart was at the blacksmith shop and says he may perhaps go to Guelph tomorrow for a load of coal for us if it should by stormy he wont go, I sent word to Mr. Lundy {Written above line} by Jim Blakely {Back on line} not to send any coal to us till further notice. but I needn't have done it as Jim tells us that he hadn't it to send. we find Rockwood very unreliable for coal. {W.R.M.} Quite a thaw to day. Ewart down and says he may go for a load of coal to Guelph tomorrow

Saturday 11

The thaw has held sway all day. although not so great as yesterday and towards {Witten above line} night {Back on line} it became colder. likely freeze to night. I lowered the heels of Mrs Wells' Boots, she bought them from our Mary, as they were a misfit for her. it is quite a contract to do them as the whole heel is fastened on by long nails and have not a good hold on the insole. to make a good job of them the heel should be taken off and rebuilt from the bottom up. Ewart arrived from Guelph about 3 oclock. with 2600 of the bottom up. Ewart arrived from Guelph about 3 oclock. with 2600 of nut coal for which he paid $10.05. I paid him $5.00 on it. and offered him $2.00 for himself, he would only accept of one dollar to pay his expenses however. I gave Wm Tovell as a contribution towards the cemetery and Maggie also gave him one from Mrs. Alice Bryant. {W.R.M.} thaw still on, but not so great as yesterday lowering heels of boots for Mrs Wells. not easy Ewart brought 2600 of coal casting $10.05 paid him 5 dollars on it and one for expenses. paid a dollar to Wm Tovell for cemetery also Maggie paid our from Mrs Bryant

Sunday 12

very pleasant winter's day, but much colder than these two days past, the past night was wintry + stormy, the wind drifted the snow into heaps. We have had comfort in the house to day, the coal we got yesterday seems to be much better than what we got last at Rockwood, as it throws very much more heat. have written a letter to Willie + Jeenie Edmonton. {W.R.M} Weather pleasant but colder. wrote letter to Willie + Jeenie Edmonton.

Monday 13

Pleasant weather continues, frosty, but {Written above line} only {Back on line} moderaly cold have not stirred out much to day; mailed the letter I write yes-terday for Edmonton, Bella came along to day, she is staying with Mary all night {W.R.M.} mailed letter to Willie + Jeenie Edmonton Bella came along to day

Tuesday 14

A very fine winter day. frosty last night, but we did not feel it uncomfortably cold in the house, like yesterday, I had nothing much on hand to day, reading, tending the fowls +c. Maggie washed yesterday and has her clothes in good condition to day. Bella with Mary to day in forenoon. This afternoon the three of them sewing here at Bella's dress +c. they are attending a meeting at the church this evening (a business meeting). I am writing a letter to night to Aunt Margaret Meaford in reply to hers of the 7th inst. Harold is away up to the farm to night. Errett had the horse to school with Duffeild's Cutter. I believe they are arranging to go week about with Duffields {W.R.M.} Maggie, Mary + Bella all sewing here this afternoon writing letter to Aunt Margaret Meaford.

Wednesday 15

Temperature higher to day, and the snow has been wasting this afternoon, a little colder in the evening which may arrest the thaw. George A Marshall cashed a check of ten dollars for me to day. the water has been running down into the floor of wood house. the pipes being frozen. it has also been coming through the ceiling of the pantry from the gutter on the roof. it will have to be looked after at the right time. the three girls have been at work, same as yesterday. {W.R.M.} Geo Marshall cashed a check for me $10.00 piping not carrying away the rain water properly. the 3 girls hard at work

Thursday 16

Quite a heavy thaw again, and the ground is pretty much covered over with a glare of ice. I went up to Wm Tovell's this morning for a piece of velvet that Joe Stewart brought from Guelph for Bella's dress that Mary is making the 3 are at work on it this afternoon. too misty + sloppy to do anything outside {W.R.M.} very icy a message + walk up to Wm Tovells

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