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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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January Friday 24 1913

Moderate frost again last night, and everywhere to day is in a glit of ice, there is not much snow. but ice is in abun dance. Thos. Weatherston had an old horse die with him last ight. he was not of much value however, being 28 years old. there has been great pleasure taken out of sleighing with the little sleighs in the shape of {Written above line} a pair {Back on line} Bobs, linked together with a plank, and running from the top of this hill towards the Mill. I took a ride with the rest and rode from almost in front of Marshall's store to the Mill don, without a stop or a push, done quickly too {W.R.M.} Weatherston lost an old horse last night pleasure coasting on hill there - times. I got a ride with rest.

Saturday 25

Very fine weather very icy stepping around Though, Ewart + Gertie + Errett drove down this evening, They were out at the hill among the crowd sleighing on the hill they were out on the dam seeing the skating, they certainly have lively times on the hill and mill dam, it has been very pleasant while the moon rose early enough for them. these 3 nights or so. it is too late however in rising , and they have to use lanterns to light things up. I got notice to hold B.O.H. meeting on Monday {W.R.M.} Wmy{?} Gray brought us 720 lbs hay to day received notice of a meeting of B.O.H at Rockwood next Monday.

Sunday 26

Quite mild for a winter day, and the ice and snow is going. I walked up to Eeleigh's{?} to day to see if he could let me have him horse + rig tomorrow afternoon to go to Rockwood to organize the B.O. Health. he agreed to let me have it, Bella has been here since last night, and twice at church and home to night {W.R.M.} walked to Eveleigh's. engaged his horse +c for Monday.

Monday 27

A stiff frost last night, and the surroundings are very - icy and slippery to day. it is dangerous for old people to walk about on them. I walked down to the mill and got 55 c worth of oat chop. Harry Benham brought it up for me, I got my check for ten dollars ($10.00) cashed from Will Hortop. I expected to have to go to Rockwood on account of B.O.H. but was phoned not to come. Wm M. Head could not attend, as he was sick, we understand. Geo. Jestin has bought the John Henry property, next door to us. last week some time {W.R.M.} Wm Hortop cashed a ten dollar check for me to day The notice counter manded for - Rockwood to day W.H. Hortop cashed a check for $10.00 hear Geo. Jestin has bought the Henry property

Tuesday 28

One of the cold nights and cold days of the season, icy ground prevails making it dangerous footing, received a card from Jeenie they had first arrived at Vancouver on the 202 and expected to sail from Victoria on the 22 {Unclear symbol} She also sent views of Edmonton which are interesting. Ewart was at the mill to day with a grist of chop. Jim Blaskely settled with George Weatherson this morning, to appear at court next Monday to answer for bad conduct to George. also for assault on John Symons. {W.R.M.} received card from Jeenie they were at VanCouver on their way to SanFranSisco Blakely settles with Geo. Weath-erston. but yet in trouble with John Symons

Wednesday 29

Cold and frosty and icy surroundings, the sleighing is only good partially, the roads in part are very bare of snow and the whole are being brought into service again, but it is dangerous travelling with wheels on account of slowing{?} round. {W.R.M.} icy. danger in travelling.

Thursday 30

Raining and thawing again to day. really this is queer weather. you never can guess what kind of weather we are going to have on the morrow. I half soled a pair of boots for G.A. Abbott to day. Mrs Robertson brought the 1/2 soles from Guelph yesterday. I gave $4.40 to Wm Tovell to pay to Wm{?} George for the hay I bought off him. {W.R.M.} gave $4.40 to Wm Tovell to pay Wesley Gray for the hay he brought us. Mrs Robertson got 1/2 soles yesterday and I repaired G.A. Abbotts shoes to day.

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