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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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February January Friday 31 1913

Froze up again last night, and to day it is cold and frosty, the wheels are again on the roads, the Erin Stage is again mounted on wheels. got a letter brother Alex Meaford he does not say anything about his troubles. he enclosed a Photo of old Jack Peise, he says Brother Jamie is better than he has lately been. he extends us a kindly invitation to visit them. Harold unwell, have kept him from school yesterday and to day. got the book "Elpis Israil" at Meaford. {W.R.M.} letter from brother Alex to day does not mention his trouble Harold unwell from school these 2 days Photo of Jack Peise got Elpis Israel O.K.

Saturday Feb 1

Hard frost last night, and it has been very cold to day, the wind being a little strong is partly the cause. the thermometer only shows 12 or so - above zero. one would think it was more however, by the feel of it. our hens are still laying a little, one, two, and sometimes 3 a day. Ewart here to day. says Charlie Baldick is laid up these times form Muscular Rheumatism. {W.R.M.} windy + cold hens laying a few eggs Charlie Baldick unwell.

Sunday 2

A very cold + stormy day. Mother has been up out of bed to day and she would have been better in bed as she has been taking chills and not so well as she has been ordinarily. Bella has not ventured out to day. Maggie was at church forenoon. {W.R.M.} Mother is not so well to day - Bella not out

Monday 3

Some milder to day, and weather finer than these few days back Ewart was at the mill for Charlie Baldick to day, we received a letter from Jeenie to day. they have arrived safely in San Francisco after a delighful trip. also had a letter from Alex. Springfield they are well, and have been very busy. Jim Blakely and John Simonds are at Guelph to day rather late fracas, we are told it has cost Blakely $75.00, settles out of court. {W.R.M.} a letter from alex spsfd and one from Jeenie San Fransico. Blakely and Simons to day a Guelph

Tuesday 4

Colder to day and stormy, high wind and snow clouds passing around, Mother has kept her bed to day as well as these well as yesterday. Ewart + Gertie drove down to day to see Mother who is a little better to day. Maggie washed the clothes to day which was a cold job for such weather. {W.R.M.} Mother a little better Ewart + Gertie here to day

Wednesday 5

Very cold + frosty last night, and it has remained very cold all day. the wind is rather high which increases the cold in house the thermometer does not register as much frost as might be exp ected, it within 2 or 3 degrees of zero. Mary has been sewing here to day. Mother has been out of bed to day. she was getting pretty tired lying so long. the mill is being largely patronized just now the papers say the Balkan war is resumed since Monday night that the armistice expired, a little snow on the ice but not enough. {W.R.M.} cold night also day. near zero wrote a letter for Br other James Meaford

Thursday 6

Cold + stormy all day. the wind has been very high and the cold seeks into the house very much, a little snow falling and drifting, Errett came here from school and remains all night the poor boy was very cold in walking to school this morning Mrs Weatherston {Written above line} sent{?} {Back on line} is sick and the doctor attending her, Bronchitis the trouble. Mr Burnett is operated on (I think) to day for trouble in head {W.R.M.} Temperature 2 above zero Errett here all night. Mrs Weatherston sent sick at present Burnett operated {Written above line} on

Friday 7

Continues stormy + cold, the wind high, but temperature slightly higher than yesterday. Mary here to day. Carried out over 20 pails water out of cellar. very windy + stormy towards night, Errett went home. {Written above line} expected {Back on line} got a ride from W. Jackson {Written above line} Ewart met him {Back on line} Harold got ride with A McCutcheon who is very kind + attentive to do what he can. Mother up again yesterday and to day. {W.R.M.} Mary here to day baleing water out of cistern Errett + Harold at school

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