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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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February Saturday 8 1913

Weather continues much the same we have been having a very rough time. The frost has not been so great. the high wind however causes much cold + discomfort. Ewart at the mill this afternoon. he tells us the corn has arrived at Rockwood. and he intends going after a load on Monday. {W.R.M.} Ewart at the Mill. he says the corn has arrived at Rockwood

Sunday 9

Not quite so windy and stormy to day. our Maggie at meeting twice to day. Bella came along this morning, and accompanied Maggie forenoon, at night she met their own rig at church we had quite a company this afternoon. Mary brought along Mrs David Stewart, and G.A. Abbott + Nettie came in also and waited for tea with us. we hear to day that Monday 10 Tolton, Albert's wife is dead, and they are bringing the body here there are no particulars of the cause of her death to hand. funeral next Thursday is expected {W.R.M.} word has come to day of the death of Albert Tolton's wife. some visitors cheer up - mother some

Monday 10

The sharpest frost of the season last night. here 9 degrees below zero. but a very pleasant day after all. it was however to cold to go outside much. I wrote a fairly long letter to Annie Sunter at Meaford in reply to one I received from her lately. she describes her father's condition more fully then the others have done {W.R.M.} 9 degrees below last night replied to a letter from Annie Sunter

Tuesday 11

not so frosty as yesterday, but windy and somewhat blus tery in spells. I got 2 bags of corn at the mill and Johnny brought them up for us. there were over 4 bushels @ 63c per Bu costing $2.40. Maggie McKenzie has been with us to day. we got an intimation of the death, and funeral of Albert Tolton's wife, which takes place on Thursday next to Coningsby{?} cemetery, at 2 P.M. from her father's residence, 3rd line Erin. {W.R.M.} got corn to day for the hens costing $2.70

Wednesday 12

Pretty cold this morning, our thermometer recorded 8 below. as about 8 oclock. which meant 2 above by Abbotts. which is right, it had just been about zero a little earlier, the cold kept up all day Ewart was with a load of chop for Baldic. mailed a letter to Jeenie San Francisco this morning, Mother was not very well last night but is some better this morning and fairly better to day. Errett here to night. {W.R.M.} temperature about zero. Ewart down with chop for Baldics Mother not very well

Thursday 13

A very frosty and cold day with high wind which makes is piercing this was the day set for funeral of Mrs Albert Tolton, but it has been postponed on account of the train bearing the Body being delayed on the road somewhere about Sudbury. George Loree an Mary drove over to Thomsons' and the corpse arrived while they were there, they say that parties who were expected to tell of the postponement had failed to do so, and had caused great inconvenience. I got the promise of Wm Tovells horse and buggy to go to Rockwood to morrow, for B. Of Healths meeting {W.R.M.} very cold Geo.Loree + Mary go to Thompsons but no funeral till tomorrow detention on the Railway the cause of postponement

Friday 14

Not so cold as yesterday, and rather a pleasant day. I made ready and had dinner on the early side and reached Rockwood in good time for the meeting of the B. O. Health, but found that the doctor was at Guelph attending at an operation, and we had to wait for the 3.23 train . when he came to hand. The Law is changed, re the B. -ourd. but we got Through quickly. paid the insurance premium on farm $4.40 and took out $5.00 more. Funeral took place this afternoon. our folks on Toum Loree{?} did not attend. too bad, they should have made an effort {W.R.M.} Funeral of Mrs Albert Tolton this afternoon paid insurance premium $4.40 B.O. health meeting again appointed chairman

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