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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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February Saturday 15 1913

Very moderate to day in cold or wind, near night however it became colder and snow began to fall, it would be a good thing if 5 or 6 inches of snow would fall, as at the present time there is neither good sleighing or wheeling. snow banks in places and bare ground much in majority. we have received word this afternoon that Wesley Fielding died to day about noon {W.R.M.} Wesly Field died to day his trouble was inflammation of the kidneys flurry of snow marked slipping again. Bella here to day. she is some better

Monday 17

Moderately cold only. beautiful clear sunshine, and among the most pleasant days of season, the runners are all at work in these parts, but so little snow will soon melt with the heat of the sun. it became colder as night approached. Maggie went off with a church party on a drive to the Moores the old McDougal homestead they are having a musical concert there beautiful moonlight drive Ewart + Gertie here this evening. Ewart not well and didn't go the funeral of Wesley Feilding. {W.R.M.} Wesley Fielding buried to day at Guelph

Tuesday 18

A fine day. moderately by cold, and fairly pleasant we were visited by Albert Tolton and his father in law Mr Angus Thompson before the dinner hour. they staid perhaps between 2+3 hours, and we had a very pleasant + enjoyable chat. Albert gave us many particulars in regard to his life in the north west, he has now his property in Taber, Sask. in the livery business he speaks of returning home in about a weeks time, he looks well but aging. {W.R.M.} weather fine visit of Albert Tolton of Father in law, Angus Thompson We had a sad mission from the north west he intends to soon return home.

Wednesday 19

Mild and thawing to day. the sun has been out pretty hot and the snow has gone off with a rush I took the chance of getting a ride over to McKenzies - with Roy Hindley. he had 3 trips to the mill to day and returned home with him on the last trip about 5 P.M. the McKenzies are going to a entertainment at the union church at Coningsby{?} to night. I spoke for 4 or 5 cords of swamp wood from them, they are trying to raise funds to purchase a new organ. we hear of a number of deaths among an acqutentances{?} John Tovell living {Written above the line} (a son of Jonathans) {Back on line} near Hespeler, Anthony Finley, George Wood, Eramosa Rockwood a son of Matthias McCann, by railway accident. {W.R.M.} a number of deaths.

Thursday 20

A fine morning but changed a little to the worse as the day advanced. Bella came along with John as he drove to the mill. she a little better than she has lately been. wrote a long letter to Alex. Spgd Ewart + Gertie drove down to see Mother. who has not been so well Fred McWilliams was operated on to day for appendicitis {W.R.M.} wrote letter Alex. Springfield Bella and John McKenzie here Ewart + Gertie to see mother Fred McWilliam operated on for appendicitis

Friday 21

Froze up last night and every where it is hard and dry this morning. I have arranged our wood and yard so that I can saw the McKenzie stove wood in two. our hens are giving is 3 eggs a day these times. {W.R.M.} mailed letter this morning

Saturday 22

A very dull day. with rain + snow falling in ice forming on exposures the runners at work again to day. stage on wheels and would have been even{?} with sleigh. Marshall at Guelph to day. purchased rubber bottle for Mother $2.00 at Petries{?} the old one persistently leaks. cleaning up the yard to receive fresh supply of stove wood. sawing the old stove wood in 2. {W.R.M.} rain + snow ice forming on exposures. Barrie Mutrie visits us

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