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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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February Sunday 23 1913

Hard frost and very cold this morning, the cold prevailed all day. enough of snow has fallen the late storm of snow, sleet and rain to make grand sleighing, there has not been better slipping all winter. Maggie twice at meeting. Willie + Maggie McKenzie also, but their mother came out at night only. I labored at my reading, and had a walk up to the grand evening {W.R.M.} fine sleighing at present. Willie and Maggie - McKenzie

Monday 24

Hard frost again this morning. 8 degrees below this morning by Abbotts thermometer, but it turned out very fine though frosty through the day. the McKenzie {Written above the line} family {Back on the line} drove to Guelph to day and sat for their pictures. Nettie Abbott accompanied them. Mother a little better, out of bed till night from the dinner hour. Joe Stewart brought 100 lbs Jewel flour. $2.70 (paid) {W.R.M.} Letter from Courier James Tourney{?} Joe Stewart brought 100 lbs Jewel flour

Wednesday 26

Not so frosty but raw and chilly, looks as if we may have a fall of snow or a change of some kind, Robert Parker was telling me that John Cutting up at drumhill is thought to be dying Mother is not so well to day, she seems to be weak on her limbs and unable to move on them. she is inclined to keep her bed. {W.R.M.} John Cutting very low - Mother not so well.

Thursday 27

quite an addition to the snow this morning, and the sleighing is now grand. Ewart + Gertie were here to day. Mr Baldic is poorly yet. one of his cows is going wrong with her teats since she calved, and Ewart came for the needle for inserting into it. John Cutting died last night at 7 P.M. Mother keeps her bed. {W.R.M.} more snow and good sleighing Ewart + Gertie Baldics cow needing attention mother keeps her Bed.

Friday 28

Moderately cold fine sleighing now. Ewart was at the ill to day for Mr Baldic who, at the present time, is not so well he gave his back too much to do in handling a calf and is feeling it now. Ewart got up on our roof to day and cleared some ice from the gutter. the water has been troubling us by being backed up and melting I have been cutting at the stove wood to day. {W.R.M.} John Cutting buried to day at Mimosa Presby Cemetery Town line died Wednesday night 7 P.M.

March Saturday 1

Moderately fine to day, the sun has been softening the snow and more has fallen this afternoon and towards night, I have about finished cutting the stove wood and have piled the most of it. John McKenzie is drawing some wood to Mrs Wells these days. Ewart has been at the mill for himself to day, Mother is not well these days the new water bottle, Geo. Marshall got at Petrie's leaks and gives us trouble. {W.R.M.} snow melting and falling Mother not well at all. the rubber water bottle giving us trouble. it leaks

Sunday 2

A very stormy day, snowing + blowing, and the roads are being filled up again. Maggie has not gone out to day. Mother is not an better and not very fit to leave. we have all kept pretty close to the house. Willie + Maggie McKenzie spent a good part of the afternoon with us. {W.R.M.} Snowing and blowing. Mother not any better

Monday 3

Very stormy this morning + forenoon, improved afternoon. I drew in the balance of the McKenzie stove wood to the house. the wind has left heavy snow drift. had to shovel them. our Johnny called to see his mother, first time since coming to Everton, don't know why he kept away, perhaps he knows. the roads are heavy and blocked in places {W.R.M.} Johnny called taking in - some McKenzies wood. stormy making snow drifts.

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