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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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March Tuesday 4 1913

Calmer to day and quite pleasant. I took a walk over to Henry Cuttings this forenoon and had a talk over the particulars of his brother Johns illness and death. Pneumonia seems to have been the immediate cause of his death at the last. called also to see Mrs Weatherston, she seems to be recovering roads are a little heavy with snow and not much travel on them. Harold got a ride to school with Austin McCutcheon on a big load, mother a little better {W.R.M.} visiting around heavy travelling Abney Brown died last week at Toronto

Wednesday 5

Temperature 6 below this morning, but calm, and not cold in the house. although cold, it has been a very pleasant day, clear sun shine and free from high wind. I replaced a pair of house slippers for Harold, put on a pair of heels on them. our hens are doing a little better this day or two. got a letter from Annie Sunter Meaford. her father is not improving. {W.R.M.} cold but calm repaired a pair of small shoes. received a letter from Annie Sunter Meaford

Thursday 6

A very stormy morning, and pretty cold, the frost - increased as the day advanced. the thermometer showing 4 above zero the roads are filling up badly, and it is both heavy + dangerous travelling on them, the papers give accounts of the deadlock in parliament over the Naval policy. debating all night long, while much swearing{?} is indulged in, and remarks made not for enlightenment but bitter partisanship. Mother not well at all these times, her appetite is not good now. {W.R.M.} Cold + stormy roads being blocked with snow. a dead lock in parliament

Friday 7

Quite a cold wave. the Abbott thermometer says this morning 10 below zero. that is the lowest that we have noticed this winter, the frost has been sharp all day, although it rose past zero. fine clear sunshine the roads, in places, are blocked, the stage ran to Guelph but did not return. quite a job shovelling round the place. snow hard + packed got a card from Colin Campbell, that their company expected to reach home last Tuesday. {W.R.M.} Very cold snow blocked roads. a card from Colin Campbell returning from Frisco.

Saturday 8

Another cold morning, and the day kept up wintry and cold. there is a little improvement in mother's condition there have been quite a number of visitors to her to day, Mrs Wm Tovell, and near neighbors, and Johnny and Ewart also. {W.R.M.} visitors to day Johnny + Ewart among them

Sunday 9

Quite a change this morning, the temperature was milder and a thaw melting off the snow fast, some rain also, our summer kitchen was being flooded from the icy chocked pipes, and we had quite a job cleaning and fixing things to rights. Bella was here since yesterday she is away home from Church at night {W.R.M.} thaw making a mess from troughing and pipes Bella here

Monday 10 Erin Village

A beautiful sunshine day, moderate frost through the night which made the surroundings dry, learning this morning that Abbotts were chancing it over to Erin with Stanley Stewart. I applied for a ride over there to get a tooth filled. and Six of us has a pleasant drive over. Dr James did my job - before dinner. and the rest afterwards taking him till about 5 P.M. I had dinner + tea at Stephens. Uncle Thomas seems fairly well for him I paid my dues to Overland{?} $2.00 which pays up to July 1st they have raised to $4.00 per year. I mailed a letter to Annie Sunter. Meaford, saying it was doubtful whether we could visit them as intended, because of Mother taking rather a backset in her general health. she has been perceptibly weaker and more helpless, and without she gets some better, we dare not leave her. got 50c worth oatmeal (paid) at Joe Stewarts, ordered 200 Sugar $4.90 per 100 I walked up to Dr Jims house after dinner to see his family. they are a pair of - interesting children, had a talk with Hedden to day on the difference between popular and true Religion. {W.R.M.} tooth filled Jim did it as a birth day gift over to Erin with Stanley Stewart paid A.O.U.W. dues up to July 1 got Oatmeal at Joe Stewarts. ordered sugar 200 lbs. mailed letter to Annie Sunter talk with Mr Hedden on popular and true reli gion. Harry Tovell sick La Grippe

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