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Stephen "Sylvester" Main Diary, 1889

Main 1889 2.pdf

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1889 MAR 5 To school to-day. very nice day thawing a lot 6 To school. traded a brown leg horne rooster for a white leg horn rooster & a plymouth rock hen with John Wedge 7 To school. Very nice day 8 To school & thawing a lot to day 9 To the woods all day cold Jirden & I drawing out wood - got my Farm & Home. 10 John Desty and Cleary out here. Desty gave me her cap for this winter. To church at night. 11 To school. Started to make an incubator. Gave 25 cents - Missionary. 12 Drawing wood, William Coverdale and I from the woods along by the school house. got a catalogue 13 To school. Sent for catalogues and a letter to Hannal Woltzen 14 To school. skating tonight. A new shoemaker came t Sheffield to-day 15 Home this forenoon to school this afternoon. One of my hens died. Got a catalogue. 16 Skating this forenoon put a patch on each side of my boot. Bought a basket with a lid on. 17 Around home. Over to th woods to see how the sap run. To Methodist church at night. 18 To school. fixed my basket. Got a poultry catalogue. 19 To school. Got an incubator catalogue and a letter from some place. 20 Home this forenoon. To a bee at Bond's this aft. Oyster supper at night. Got two poultry catalogues 21 To school. fixed my climbing spurs. 22 Chisling out posts for the barn a very nice day. 23. Varley Bond and I up to Auldon Hammills this afternoon. 24 Varley Bond & I over to woods for a walk. To church at night. 25. Took two loads of wood to Galt for Bonds. 26 Around home. Started to make an incubator. 27 Took a load of wood to Galt for Bond's. Raising our barn this afternoon. I was helping set a hen to-night. 28 To Hamilton all day and colder. 30 Helping scafling lumber. Made a nest for my hens 31. In all day. To church at night snowing a lot - about a foot deep.

Apr. 1 Took a load of wood to Galt for Bond's on sleigh. 2 Help put the roof on the barn - up to loom shop making hen roost. 3 Finished cutting wood till three o'clock. To Methodist church. 5 Not much of any thing. snowing 6 Helping draw stones for the barn. Got some of our own hay down to Joseph Ricker. Took horses over to Henry's help Mr Ricker carry his syrup. Got my supper over there. Henry came out to Sheffield at night. Broke two cans - a two quart and a one quart, lost the syrup. over to the creek shooting pike. I shot one forteen and a half inches long. First fish I ever shot. 9 Laying floor in the barn all day. 10 Went up to Freeport to lead Mr Mott's cow down. Walked all the way. He moved down to Sheffield. 11 To Mr Laing's all day circle sawing wood. 12 Sawing wood down to cheese factory in the morning down to Mr Mott's 13 Put a nest in my hen roost shingle some on the hen roost. 14 Varley Bond and I up to Auldon Hammills for a walk. To church at night 15 Went out to Destemony's for a selling of duck eggs set them under a hen. Took them under my hens up to the other place. Got a bag of oats from Henry 16 Hired to Peter Humphrey for a month for $13 a month. Started work to day harrowing all day. 17 Harrowing till half past four o'clock, cultivating the rest of the day. 18 Dragging all day. Hen came out with 12 chickens out of 13 eggs. 19 gang ploughing and harrowing all day. rain to night. 20 Fixing fence this forenoon dragging this afternoon. 21. In all day - seven eggs. To church at night. 22 Picking stones till eleven o'clock. Drawed a load of pine roots for thrashing. Dragging till noon. rolling till four o'clock. Ella Bond and Elusci Gerrard ridding with me gang ploughing the rest of the day. 23 Gang ploughing till 10 o'clock dragging till noon, rolling this afternoon 24 rolling till half past eleven. Dragging till noon. gang ploughing till rain. Went up to Elroy Hyman Till half past four. Went around the outside fence. 25. Digging a drain by the house. Peter Humphrey layed the tile at noon. covered it up in the afternoon. 26 Gang ploughing till half past eleven. Dragging till noon. dragging all the afternoon.

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