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Stephen "Sylvester" Main Diary, 1889

Main 1889 4.pdf

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1889 28 On the roads this forenoon to Peter Humphrey building fence and cocking hay. 29 Cutting thistles this forenoon cocking up hay. Drawed in two loads 30. S.S. in the morning. John & Desty out but no church at night - Mr Mott away. July 1 To Galt all day 2 hoeing corn and potatoes awile this morning. chock up some hay. Drawing in this afternoon. 3 Peter Humphrey and I hoeing potatoes in morning. Shock out some hay. Drawed in this afternoon. 4 Sick all day laying in. Rosy & Elmira & Cleavy went to Galt. 5 Laying around this forenoon. To Peter Humphries - horse raking and cocking up drawed in one load. 6 Drawing in hay. Paris greened the potatoes at noon. Horse raked till supper time drawed in two loads. 7 S.S. in morning & church at night. 8 gang plowing this forenoon, drawing in hay this afternoon horse raking a little. 9 Gang plowing this forenoon drawing in and horse raking. 10 Gang plowing this forenoon and turning some hay. horse raking & cocking. Drawed in one load. 11. dragging this forenoon. shock out some hay drawing in this afternoon. 12 dragging and drawing in one load this forenoon horse raking and drawing in 13 horse raking fetched in the rakings. horse raking and cocking up. 14. S.S. in the morning S.S. convension to church at night. 15 Gang plowing this forenoon. Simon and I drawing in horse raking a little. 16 Drawing and horse raking. Simon McGanzie helping us started to make a stack. 17 Horse raking M.F. Cochern helping cocking up. 18 Cocking up and horse raking. 19 Picking berries this forenoon - not much of anything. 20 gang plowing and horse raking drawing in and horse raking 21. to S.S. in morning to Methodist Church at night 22 Picking berries this forenoon to Humphries drawing in. 23 Horse raking for ourselves in Mr Keachies field cocking it up. 24 Picking berries Destimony out Cleavy home. 26 Drawed in some hay for ourselves. Made a net to put on the horse 27. Almira and I to Galt this forenoon. Down to see them play bassball. 28 To S.S. in morning to quarterly up to the Methodist. To the Brethern church at night 29. Picking berries this forenoon. Took a ride on the Bicycle. 20 Charles Laing and I to Hamilton today Took a load of cheese down brought a small load back. 31 Cleaned out Mr. Mott's sistern. Helped Mr Humphrey load a load of hay. Aug 1 Took a load of cheese to Galt for Mr Laing. Helped Mr Humphrey load a load of hay - pulling peas 2 Fixed the fence up to the other lot. Loaded a load of hay. Pulling peas fr Mr Humphrey. 3 Cleaning out my turkey pen. Loaded a load of hay. Pulling peas 4 S.S. in morning to free Methodist in the afternoon to Methodist church at night 5 Picking berries this forenoon. Pitched on a load of hay. pulling peas. 6 hoeing weeds out of my potatoes pitched on a load of hay pulling peas 7 Hoeing weeds out of my potatoes. Pitched on a load of hay pulling peas 8 taking the weeds off my potatoes. Drawing in some hay. Cultivating my potatoes. 9 shocking up oats all day. Smith Willard cutting them. 10 To Galt this forenoon. Cultivating father's potatoes billing them up. 11 To S.S. Truman & I out to Desty's on the bicycle. To church at night. 12 Cutting thistles on the sixth concession. Picked up some wood on the road. Washed the buggy. 13 Drawing in peas all day. 14 Drawing in peas this forenoon, riding on the bicycle. 15. drawed in two loads of peas and two of oats this forenoon. Shocking up this afternoon. Smith Willard cutting. 16 shocking up oats all day alone. keep up to the binder Smith Willard cutting. 17 To Galt this forenoon. Took up some chickens and ducks - sold them all. To Branchton this aft. on the bicycle to a picnic. 18 S.S. in morning. Church at night 19 To Peter Humphrey's drawing in oats all day 20. Helped John Steel set four tires. Drawing in oats picked up a load of hay 21. Took hen up to the other place. Drawed in two loads of oats, loaded a load of hay. 22 loaded a load of hay this forenoon and out to Branchton. Drawed in oats. Pitched on a load of hay. 23 gang ploughing till near night. pitched on a load of hay. 24. Went out to the Branchton at daylight Destamona & I went to Galt with ducks. Came home as soon as I got back pitched one load of hay drawed a barrel of water. 25. S.S. in morning church at night. 26. Took Albert & Almira out near Branchton for the station. Gangplowing till near night. Pitched on a load of hay 27 Gang plowing this forenoon pitched on a load of hay at noon gang plowing this afternoon. 28. Pitched on a load of hay. Helped John Steel set four tires this afternoon forenoon thrashing at Robert Hatricks for Peter Humphrey this aft. 29 Thrashing at Robert Hatricks till near night Thrashing at Henry after supper. 30 Thrashing over at Henry's this forenoon to Peter Humphreys thrashing this afternoon.

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