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Stephen "Sylvester" Main Diary, 1889

Main 1889 5.pdf

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Aug 31. Thrashing till near noon. drawed a load of hay out of the stack. Drawing in oats this afternoon. Sept. 1. To S.S. in morning to Methodist Church at night 2 Drawing in oats till near night. pitched on a load of hay. 3. To Branchton after elderberries got a basket full. Pitched on a load of hay. 4 George Steel and I out shooting till near night. Pitched on a load of hay. 5. To Mr. Hymers thrashing for Peter Humphrey this forenoon. Dug a bag of potatoes up to the other lot 6 To Mr Hymers thrashing till near noon. Picking chickens Got the lend of a democrat for market day 7 To Galt Market with chickens this forenoon Drawed a barrell of water took the horse to pasture. 8. S.S. To Brethern Church at night 9 Dug a row of potatoes. Help Mr Humphrey pitch on a load of hay. Help butchering pigs to the factory. 10 Dug a row of potatoes up to the other place digging potatoes up to Uncle John's. Went over to Henry to fix my hen roost window. 11. Went over to Henry's to get the match plains for Jirden. To Albert Bond's digging potatoes this afternoon. 12 To Albert Bond's digging potatoes this forenoon. fixed a place for my Wyandotts 13 Picking chickens for market. Went down for the horse. 14 Almira and I to Galt with chickens Out to Branchton on the bicycle this afternoon Rose brought a pair of banties from London 15 S.S. in morning Downey preached. to the Methodist Church at night. 16 Fixed a place for my chickens up to the other place. Down to the picnic at Aaron Main's 17. Took some chickens up to the other lot. 18 Helped John Steel set tires this forenoon Helped butchering to Laings this aft. 19 Took Alberts Bicycle over to shop, dug a row of potatoes. cut some corn. 20. Not much of anything this forenoon cut the rest of my corn. 21 Digging potatoes this forenoon got a new cooking stove. Drawed down two bags of my potatoes. Shooting till night. 22 S.S. in the morning John & Desty out to Methodist church at night. 23. Went down to Bond's in the middle of the forenoon. Butchering pigs till near night. Went over to Henry's got horse went out to John's got his buggy. 24 Out to Desty's - my birthday today. had duck for dinner. Seventeen years old. My weight 135 pounds 5 feet 8 inches tall. 25 To Hamilton show all day. John & Desty down to ___ Branchton all night 26 In the cheese factory all day in Henry Laing's place. 27 Picking my beans - up to the other lot. Took a little bicycle ride. 28. Out to John's to get Jirdens horse shod and the axle on the buggy fixed 29 S.S. in morning to Methodist Church at night. 30 Fixed a box down cellar for my potatoes, fixed the floor in the woodshed. Put new sleepers in. Oct 1. Started to paint doors and windows of the barn, some of them painted - rained. 2 finished painting barn, put up stove. Up to the other place help killing pigs. To the factory 3 Killed a pig for Smith Willard this forenoon digging some potatoes this aft. 4 To Galt this forenoon. Digging potatoes this aft. 5. Not much this forenoon. Albert & I shooting. I shot a Kingfisher on the fly. Jirden & I skinned it. 6 S.S. in morning to Brethern Church at night. 7 Scraping the meat off Kingfisher hide. Over to Henry's took the gun. Killing pigs. to the factory. 8 To Rickers thrashing all day for Mr. Ricker. 9 To Rickers thrashing all day. 10 THRASHING all day at Rickers got done. 11 At Smith Willards thrashing all day. 12 To Smith Willards thrashing till three o'clock. Jirden and I stuffed our bird. 13 S.S. in morning to Methodist Church at night. 14 To Galt in the morning with Henry. Over to Henry's after the horse. Got his Black Spanish Rooster. 15 To Rockton Show all day. Took down a pair of Games and Black Spanish. Got first on them. Both pair. Got nine prizes all together four firsts and five seconds. 16 To Smith Willards thrashing all day 17 Almira, Rosa, Maggie Steel and I back to Freelton show all day. Bought me a watch. 18 Down t Smith Willards all day picking up potatoes. 19 To Smith Willards digging potatoes this forenoon digging and picking up this afternoon. 20 S.S. in morning to Methodist S.S. in aft. To Brethern church at night. 21 To Smith Willards digging potatoes this forenoon. to Mr laing killing pigs. 22 Over to Henry's trying to put a different gun barrel on my stock. 23 Carried some water to clean the church. Over to Henry's got the lend of his gun. 24 Down to Rockton got Jirden's horse. Shooting this aft. 25. Took Hymers cultivator home bought three barrels from Elroy fetched them home. Got a barrell of road dust. 26. Took Jirden's horse to Rockton waked home. Digging some out from under the wood shed. 27 To SS in aft. To church at night 28. To Mr Rickers pulling turnips this forenoon. To the factory butchering this afternoon. To Church at night. 29 Pulling turnips at Rickers this forenoon. Help on loading this afternoon to church at night. 30 To Henrys plowing all day to church at night. 31 To Aunt Elizies - made a cupboard and lathed some. To church at night Nov 1 to Henry's plowing this forenoon rain this aft. To Church at night.

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