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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 4.pdf

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Sunday Feb 5 All went to meeting at Hebron remarks by Rd {Reverend?} H Barkey sermon on St. Mat 22 C by Rd M Shank from Indiana I went to see Br C PM he is sick with Pleuresy. he is rather better Br inlaw John Hoover was here tonight he is learning the shoemaking trade at C Raymans W very cold

6 Chored AM JB drew wood to Walkeys & I helped him to load PM. W very cold this morning. Milder PM. Clear

7 I finished drawing Walkeys & 2 loads to the House AM. Both Chopped PM. J & I went to John Stover's after supper W. East wind Milder

8 Chopped Cordwood then both I & JB helped RW Clean wheat for Br C PM W. mild Br C is pretty sick yet

9 Cleaned some wheat AM Both helped Flavius Cut Cedar Posts in his swamp PM. W soft snow AM Colder PM snow storm from N West this evening

10 Went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Rd M Shank of Ind. Sermon on St Mat 8th C by Rd D Brenneman of Ind. Br in law MN were here at noon went to Br Cs awhile PM he is pretty sick yet. W. Mild pretty strong west wind didn't snow much last night a little squaly today

11 Took 40 bus 58 lbs Treadwell wheat to Cedar Grove Mills AM @ $1.35 cts per bus RW helped me clean Grist & I helped him draw straw for bedding PM JD were here tonight W. pretty cold

Feb 1871

Sunday 12 at home. W. Snow from East nearly all day. didnt fall very deep. Mild

13 Went to AB's on a visit W. pretty sharp. clear

14 Went to S Lehman's on a visit. W. rather milder

15 Went to Forest Mills AM. Chored & drew wood PM was at Br C's last night he is rather better. W. pretty mild. wind from East

16 I went to Clark's Mills to look for Pea {illegible} got none

16 Chored & Chopped a little AM JB came PM then we finished Duncans wood 3 cords then we cut drags untill night W. windy

17 Drew home 16 drags W. fine Clear east wind Commenced snow soft from East after dark

18 I & J went to CB's to help thresh. stormed and blowed from north so we didnt thresh snowed about 6 in last night rained some this morning. freesing this evening

Sunday 19 Went to Br S's on a visit. W. Clear a little snow this morning

20 I & JB helped CB thresh until about half past 2 PM W. Mild. Clear. rather sharp

21 Drew home 23 drags. W fine pretty sharp

22 I went to Markham to F inlaws for dinner Then to Br inlaw M Ns to ask him to saw wood with his Machine on Monday. brought Adeline home. She his been at her Grandfather's the past week. W. Clear. Sharp East wind

23 I & Flavius moved horse Power from Br Cs Flavius were here on a visit W. fine Clear

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