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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 16.pdf

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Aug 1871 Sept

August 30 Both ridged in Old fallow I brought Duncan's last load of hay into barn this evening Br C loaded it for me. W. fine. slight shower after supper

31 I & little boys took load hay to Duncan & brought seed wheat from Flavius this morning. Then I plowed. W. fine. Clear.

Septr 1 sowed new fallow with Soules wheat AM. Sowed a few hours for CB PM then Plowed till night. W. fine Cler. JH Ramer's came to stay all night. My Mother was taken sick very sudden this evening. dizzy. & nervous like W. went for Dr McC. rather easier 4 Oclock Sept 2

2 Sowed Old fallow with Treadwell & a little Soules W. pretty warm. My Mother a little better

Sunday 3 at home J Stover's & Br S's were here W. warm, Close this evening Mother not quite so well. she has some Bilious Complaint

4 I took load wood to Bambridge & took grist barley Chop to Cedar Grove Mills this evening. W furrowed out wheat W. fine Cler. very warm. Close

5 I took last load wood to Bambridge AM Went to Funeral of David Whaley PM. He fell from his buggy near Markham Village on Friday evening & injured his spine & Died on Sunday evening. W very close & warm

6 I & W helped Br. S thresh W slight shower at noon

7 I & W cut Clover seed AM I went to BS to get Sickle fixed after dinner & W began fall plow in barley stubble behind Cider house & I helped when I came back W. fine Cool

Sept 1871

8 I sowed 10 bus Wheat for Br C AM Br C helped me Cut Clover seed awhile PM W helped JD log. Finlaws were here at noon W. fine Cler. Cool. Adeline & Susanna had the Measles getting over them nicely

9 I & Br. C finished Cutting Clover seed AM W & Dave drew dung on barley stubble in field east of dam I helped PM. W. fine. Clear warm

Sunday 10 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Widemans remarks by Re H Barky appropriate sermon for Celebration of Lords Supper by Br C Went to Little Chris Hoover's after service W. fine Cler

11 I & W helped Flavius thresh brought Machine to our place this evening. W. fine Cler

12 Drew dung AM. I & Nancy went to Markham PM boys finished dung W. fine Clear M Neighswanders were here PM when we were not at home

13 W plowed. I & Br C fixed horse stable I asked some hands to thresh on friday W. Cool heavy north wind PM

14 W plowed spot where Crown peas were below garden AM I chored & we set Machine & I went to Cherrywood store on 3rd Con Pickering at W Burkholder's Corner. PM. W. very Cool Cler

15 threshed 100 bus Oats. began to rain 1/2 past 9. began to thresh after dinner threshed 360 bus barley before sunset. good for our old Machine rained drissly sometimes PM.

16 Finished threshing about 1/2 past 3 the whole lot amounts to 470 bus barley 132 Soules wheat 37 bus spring wheat 12 bus rakings about 100 bus Oats. W. Cler AM all day

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