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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 27.pdf

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May 1972

A building Occupied by A Barber the Anglo American Hotel Pringls Dwelling Workshop & Showroom Burks Store & J Robinsons dwelling The Economist Office was only saved by the greatest {exertion?} all the Contents were removed & everything put into Confusion so there was no Issue last week.

Sunday 12 at home Jacob Reesor's youngsters were here. & Br S's youngsters PM W. fine Clear. Cool. a good shower would do some good now

13 I & W finished Plowing East part of big field Dave carried potatoes Out of of Cellar JB finished west lane fence to Cider house from townline W Cool Clear

14 Sowed Peas in East end of big field Took my Mother to Br N's PM. My Mother is very restless at night & rather weak in her mind W. fine Clear. east wind PM

15 Took my Mother to B's S's & then went to Markham AM Planted Early Rose Potatoes PM W. fine Clear

16 I rolled some Peas AM. boys fired fallow south end of Markham bush. all fought fire PM. it run run run over nearly the whole of the Old bush. but I hope it did not do it much harm. it burned about 10 rods of fence on the 11th Con. W. Shifty wind. Clear

17 I went to Whitevale AM to get Deed drawn by T P White for 2 1/4 Acres of land that I bought of C Burkholder for $200. burned & Picked in fallow PM Dave finished rolling Peas PM W. fine clear

18 Chored & Picked in fallow AM put up new fence along 11th where it was burned PM W strong East wind. a little rain tonight. fire about out

Whit Sunday 19 I & Nancy went awhile to J Cober's W. heavy rain about all night & a good deal today will do a great deal of good I hope

Whit Monday 20 I & Nancy little boys & My Mother went to JD W. Clear with a few sunshiny showers. things look green

21 boys drew Old rails wood & stones off little fallow I chored & went to {Frys?} for some plants W. fine warm clear

May 1872 June

22 Dave harrowed root ground & W plowed potatoe ground got done about 3 PM then Cleaned grist W. fine AM rain PM. slowly at first heavy tonight Heard today that Uncle Jacob Burkholder Died last night

23 I & Nancy went to Uncle Jacob Burkholder's funeral at Widemans. Discourses by J Stakly & Shoults Went to Finlaws for dinner boys fenced pastures on Scarboro Side W. wet this morning, fine today

24 W Commenced plowing new fallow I brought Home Grist AM helped plow PM. W. Clear AM. some squalls of rain PM Planted a little Corn AM

25 I went to Fmans bay AM for some Plaster didnt get any AM. dug garden PM. W. strong north wind

Sunday 26 My Mother Nancy & little girls went to Meeting at Hebron. Sacrement today. I & little boys staid at home. I was not well, had to vomit last night. Danl Widemans & S Lehmans were here at Dinner & Menno Burkholder's & M Nighswander's at supper. Abraham Burkholder & his family & his Mother were here awhile W fine Clear

27 I & Neighbours Moved graveyard fence to the north & rebuilt it W plowed little Orchard for Old Steele to plant potatoes on shares W. a few heavy showers

28 W plowed in fallow I & Dave worked at fence on west side of field near Hoover's W. cool clear illegible night. W. fine Clear

30 I chored boys drew old rail pieces where Dave & I fixed fence then drew stones off west end of field near Hoover's where we are going to summer fallow. harrowed potatoe ground. & Piled some lim limb wood after supper. W. dribbling, & heavy shower tonight

31 Planted about an acre of Potatoes in East side of field East of Dam W. fine Clear

June 1 began to draw dung on fallow W. fine looks a little like rain

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