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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 30.pdf

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July 1872

19 Drew in rakings load AM. W scuffled turnip drills (there are scarcely any turnips) PM. then he went to show in Markham after supper. I & little boys took grist to Cedar Grove Mills PM. W. fine

20 I & Nancy went to M Neighswanders & Simon Hoover's I took part of reaper to Mongolia W. fine clear

Sunday 21 I & Nancy staid with My Mother girls went to Meeting at Hebron. W. fine shower this morning another heavy one PM. not many at the Meeting Old David Hoover's & Isaac Reesor were here PM Isaac is !doing the amiable! to Janet while I am writing. my Mother is not so well today a {as} she was. a few days ago she was able to walk to Br C's

22 I went to Markham AM. W helped Br. Cs get Out a stick of timber. W drilled over about an acre of turnips PM & I sowed them white globe seed. W. fine. Clear

23 Boys Cut roads round upper wheat field & I helped Br. C get reaper ready AM I raked off for Br C cutting his barley & W began crossing new fallow W. fine, a little rain PM

24 I helped Br C finish Cut barley with reaper W. Clear

25 Cut 8 rounds wheat in NW field this morning then I went to raising Br. C's barn at Dyke's boys bound wheat & Cut a road round field at end of lane. W. pretty warm. looks like rain tonight

26 Cut Wheat. a little rain AM. Clear PM

27 Finished NW field till 4 Oclock then drew Steele's hay 2 loads after supper. W. fine. Clear

Sunday 28 at home all day Ruhannah & Benjamin Diller were here W. fine Clear

29 Cut wheat in Scarboro W Cradled in rough part till about 11 oclock when it began to rain drissly & Cloudy all day heavy shower about supper time I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove after supper I shot a 9 1/2 lb woodchuck this evening

30 Finished Cutting Wheat didnt get it all bound W. Clear

31 Finished binding & Shocking wheat AM I & W cut barley back of garden. Dave helped Flavius bind wheat PM. W. fine. Cool. Clear

Aug 1872

August 1 I & W cut barley in field east of dam 5 acres finished at about 1/2 past 2 Oclock then drew in 2 loads Treadwell wheat began to rain about 6 Oclock

2 I went to Markham AM Chored PM W. warm Clear AM. Showry PM

3 Drew 2 loads Edgings AM W finished Plowing new fallow & drew out some wood He harrowed PM. & I & little John went for my stuffed Bittern & got a barrel of salt at Bay W. fine warm. Clear

Sunday 4 We & My Mother went to AB's they were not at home. then we went to JD's PM. W. fine Clear

5 Finished drawing in N W wheat field 12 good loads W. Clear

6 Drew in Soules wheat in field below townline till supper then I went to JB's & boys drew in 3 loads barly W. very warm clear

7 drew in 4 loads barley till 11 oclock when a shower Came up then I & Nancy & little boys went to AB's & I went to Cherrywood Came back after supper boys brought 1 load & I helped to bring 2 more till night

8 Drew 1 load of barley out of lower field & 9 out of upper. Simon Hoover's were here at supper W. fine very warm this is Election day in South Ontario Cousin T P White is endeavouring to run out Tory Gibbs

9 Drew 3 small loads barley out of upper field & W took waggon to shop to get {Tires?} set AM began putting {pulling?} sod Peas with horse rake. works well. W. fine warm very sorry to hear that Tory Gibbs is elected

10 Finished pulling Peas till about 3 PM Cut road round spring Wheat till supper W brought waggon home after supper. W. warm

Sunday 11 at home. W. warm. a little Cloudy

12 Cut spring wheat AM. JB helped. W helped Flavius thresh with team W. Cloudy AM fine shower about 1 Oclock PM. I & Nancy went to Whitevale PM

13 I & JB began Cut Oats in field behind Cider house AM bound spring wheat PM. W. pretty warm. Cloudy W. helped T {Hale?} Husk AM & CB PM

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