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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 30.pdf

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July 1872

19 Drew in rakings load AM. W scuffled turnip drills (there are scarcely any turnips) PM. then he went to show in Markham after supper. I & little boys took grist to Cedar Grove Mills PM. W. fine

20 I & Nancy went to M Neighswanders & Simon Hoover's I took part of reaper to Mongolia W. fine clear

Sunday 21 I & Nancy staid with My Mother girls went to Meeting at Hebron. W. fine shower this morning another heavy one PM. not many at the Meeting Old David Hoover's & Isaac Reesor were here PM Isaac is !doing the amiable! to Janet while I am writing. my Mother is not so well today a {as} she was. a few days ago she was able to walk to Br C's

22 I went to Markham AM. W helped Br. Cs get Out a stick of timber. W drilled over about an acre of turnips PM & I sowed them white globe seed. W. fine. Clear

23 Boys Cut roads round upper wheat field & I helped Br. C get reaper ready AM I raked off for Br C cutting his barley & W began crossing new fallow W. fine, a little rain PM

24 I helped Br C finish Cut barley with reaper W. Clear

25 Cut 8 rounds wheat in NW field this morning then I went to raising Br. C's barn at Dyke's boys bound wheat & Cut a road round field at end of lane. W. pretty warm. looks like rain tonight

26 Cut Wheat. a little rain AM. Clear PM

27 Finished NW field till 4 Oclock then drew Steele's hay 2 loads after supper. W. fine. Clear

Sunday 28 at home all day Ruhannah & Benjamin Diller were here W. fine Clear

29 Cut wheat in Scarboro W Cradled in rough part till about 11 oclock when it began to rain drissly & Cloudy all day heavy shower about supper time I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove after supper I shot a 9 1/2 lb woodchuck this evening

30 Finished Cutting Wheat didnt get it all bound W. Clear

31 Finished binding & Shocking wheat AM I & W cut barley back of garden. Dave helped Flavius bind wheat PM. W. fine. Cool. Clear

Aug 1872

August 1 I & W cut barley in field east of dam 5 acres finished at about 1/2 past 2 Oclock then drew in 2 loads Treadwell wheat began to rain about 6 Oclock

2 I went to Markham AM Chored PM W. warm Clear AM. Showry PM

3 Drew 2 loads Edgings AM W finished Plowing new fallow & drew out some wood He harrowed PM. & I & little John went for my stuffed Bittern & got a barrel of salt at Bay W. fine warm. Clear

Sunday 4 We & My Mother went to AB's they were not at home. then we went to JD's PM. W. fine Clear

5 Finished drawing in N W wheat field 12 good loads W. Clear

6 Drew in Soules wheat in field below townline till supper then I went to JB's & boys drew in 3 loads barly W. very warm clear

7 drew in 4 loads barley till 11 oclock when a shower Came up then I & Nancy & little boys went to AB's & I went to Cherrywood Came back after supper boys brought 1 load & I helped to bring 2 more till night

8 Drew 1 load of barley out of lower field & 9 out of upper. Simon Hoover's were here at supper W. fine very warm this is Election day in South Ontario Cousin T P White is endeavouring to run out Tory Gibbs

9 Drew 3 small loads barley out of upper field & W took waggon to shop to get {Tires?} set AM began putting {pulling?} sod Peas with horse rake. works well. W. fine warm very sorry to hear that Tory Gibbs is elected

10 Finished pulling Peas till about 3 PM Cut road round spring Wheat till supper W brought waggon home after supper. W. warm

Sunday 11 at home. W. warm. a little Cloudy

12 Cut spring wheat AM. JB helped. W helped Flavius thresh with team W. Cloudy AM fine shower about 1 Oclock PM. I & Nancy went to Whitevale PM

13 I & JB began Cut Oats in field behind Cider house AM bound spring wheat PM. W. pretty warm. Cloudy W. helped T Hale Husk AM & CB PM

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White Globe Turnip

Purple Top White Globe

Description: Purple Top White Globe turnip seeds are from an old heirloom turnip dating back prior to 1880. The roots are smooth and nearly round. Bright purple on top and creamy white in the portion below the soil line. They are mild flavoured and sweet, and can reach 13cm (5") in diameter but are better for eating when picked at 5-8cm (2-3"). The young leaves of this variety can be cooked for traditional "southern greens." Both the roots and greens are an excellent source of vitamin C. Remember that turnips belong to the Brassica family, so plant them in your garden with crop rotation in mind.

Matures in 55 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Thomas Nicholson Gibbs - Tory

As a legislator, Gibbs made few contributions. When he spoke it was generally on the practical aspects of banking or tariffs. Although he initially had supported the principle of reciprocity, the abrogation of the treaty in 1866 and the acquisition of the Oshawa Cabinet Company two years later changed his perspectives and he now favoured retaliatory tariffs and protection for manufacturers. On 14 June 1873 Sir John A. Macdonald named Gibbs secretary of state for the provinces and superintendent general of Indian affairs. He was moved to the Department of Inland Revenue on 1 July 1873 but the Pacific Scandal and the defeat of Macdonald’s government on 6 Nov. 1873 ended his cabinet career almost before it had begun. Gibbs had been re-elected in the general election of 1872 and again in the by-election necessitated by his elevation to the cabinet on 14 June 1873. Defeated in 1874 by Malcolm Cameron*, he was returned in 1876 after Cameron’s death necessitated another by-election. He lost his seat in the general election of 1878 but two years later was appointed to the Senate.

Info on T.P. White

PDF file: page of Newspaper

"To the Electors of the South Riding of the County of Ontario....... T.P. White, Whitevale June 1872