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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 33.pdf

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{All of the dates are written by the diarist throughout the diary} Oct 1872

Oct 2

J Chored began to make a bech{?} vat + helped to Pick some apples M Nighowander's{?} wife + boy got some to Dry on shores W. fine clear beautiful


J took Mary + my mother to Uncle Sams AM + then threshed beans + helped Simon Horner Pick foma{?} apples. brought Naug{?} + Mother home this evening. W . v fine eve


J + Nuay{?} went to funeral of a Etta Alescandra Mureion. to Makhah village J killed a calf after we came home W. vy fine eve


I got Jess + Cent shod at Bambridge. My mother went to P A Ramer's I went there for dinner W. fine clear heard a drunk man on Townline about 9 Ocl tonight found it was John Hollinger. W drove him home I followed in buggy + brought + W home

Sunday 6

at home all day My Mother went to Meeting at Cedar Grove with B C + our team + spiny{?} waggon W. a little rain at noon. heavy thunder lightning + rain


I + Dave Cleaned some barley this morning then Tonight I went around Through Pickering to Candas{?} for pupils for a German school to be held in our Church. Then we cleaned some more barley this evening he plows while I was gone. W. fine clear heavy rain last night


I chored AM + Donee{?} Plowed till noon then he had to quit. Our Horses + every other bodies horses are getting sick with a sort of Epidemic influenza. I went to stable raising at Flavius Pm. W. fine clear Willie came home tonight. he has sentey{?} Gawahil Harrongton's farm on the Morktown + Scarton's Townline near the 7 11 Corn


Picked winter apples AM began digging Potatoes PM. J took grist to Cedar Grove mill PM. W. fine warm clear


Day Potatoes. I brought home grist this evening


Day Potatoes. I went to stable raising at {Written above line} W. cool {Back on line} PD. Pm. W. Cool


Finished digging Potatoes. good Crop. W. Cool rather cloudy

Sunday 13

All went to Meeting at Helron as opt{?} My Mother + p drove + little Benjamin My Mother has a Cold remarks{?} by B C

Oct 1872

Sunday 13.

Sermon on by Br A Borky{?}. J Br were here aftr service they are keeping house for BrN they are away to Michigan + Waterloo. W. fine rain last night. Cloudy this morning. Clear today.


Sawed some Cedar trees that I got from Flavius a year or two ago for my Old Milk Can. AM Cleaned barley + put A back in bin again horses one not fit to team it away at Present I went to Horinos{?} sale at Cedar Goree P O PM. he is leaving W. pretty Cold. windy. moist{?} P Lappen{?} men dragging out on of his horses that died with Epidemics


Finished Cleaning barley + some wheat tailings W plowed awhile AM. J + Naug{?} started to Belford peas got sick toward back. she is better again. W. Cloudy. Cold. some soft snow from about 11 oc till 3. all Thawed again


W plowed. I killed a pig AM. J + Naug{?} went to Belford PM. Dave Picked apples. W. Cold. NW wind clear


J + Dave made 2 barrels Cider AM {?} W plowed Tilled beds PM. W. white frost this morning clouded up. East


W Plowed second time in West half of root field {Written above line} rain PM {Back on line} Dave Picked apples. I got some Powders at Barrows for horses AM they are hardly well get J helped P O thresh PM


I helped P D this m until about 30m {Written above line} W clear {Back on line} boys both Plowed. W. fine clear. a very little rain am

Sunday 20

We s my mother went to Par{?} Reesors Q. fine clear


I drove 2 loads Cider apples {Written above line} 42 bag{?} {Back on line} to P Lapp @18cts per lbs{?} W plowed. W. very fine beautiful weather Old Dick died {Written below line} (aged 29 years last night)


J Nancy + my Mother went to P Stevens + J went to Uncle Josephines sale{?} J bought Sendry{?} Plow @$12.00 + a lot {Arrow pointing up} 90 {Back on line} of sap buckets @11 1/2cts apiece W. fine warm clear, look a little like rain tonight {Written below line} a little drizzle this evening


W brought 194 4 in tiles from Cherry wool{?} this morning there we Commenced to draw Potatoes into Cellar J + little John brought home my Plow + buckets PM. W. very fine


J + Dave drew in Potatoes. W helped BrC log. W. fine clear


Chored AM. J + Dave helped steele{?} divide Potatoes that he Grew on shares in little Orchard + drew his shewn{?} home for him. W took 40 by 40 lbs barley to Whitty @ 68cts per bag. W. cloudy a little rain This morning puts heavy This evening rainy yet 9 o PM

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