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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 34.pdf

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Oct 1872 Nov

26 Chored I got some Powder at Barrows for Frank Pm he didn't seem to be very well after his drive yesterday W very steady rain all night and all day. raining yet about 11 oc

27 at home Br N's were here PM. I went to Burrows this evening Franks legs were swelled some Jimmy Junie came with me & gave him a Ball. W. rained nearly all day looks like Clearing up now. very wet & sloppy

28 Chored this Morning began to Pull turnips about 10 Oclock JB came to help. W. fine clear. Frank some better

29 JB plowed in sod behind barn along bush awhile this morning & I helped Br C kill 2 pigs Then we all pulled Turnips.W. fine warm clear Frank some better

30 PB went to Ws Plowing Bee on Gannahil Harrington's farm JI & Dave Puller turnips after the frost was off . W. fine warm clear

31 I started a little after 2 Oc this morning to go to Toronto with Br. N he had gone when I got there. Then I walked to Agincourt Station on the Nipissing. got well serenaded by a Lynx on the Markham road about 5 Oc. AM. went to Toronto for some German school Books that came to me by Express from Elkart Ind rode home with Br N's. W. very fine clear white frost last night

Nov 1 Pulled turnips awhile AM Chored Pm W. a little rain AM. cloudy PM. Cut a tree in Scarboro bush that we thought had Coons in it but we found none

2 JB & Dave drew 4 loads turnips AM. (they also drew 4 loads on Thursday AM) I chored & went to Belford we all Pulled Pm. finished about 3.30 Oc Pm then JB & Dave went home & I went to Cedar Grove W fine cler

3 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C Sermon on {Blank space} by R'd H Barkey JD's were here when we Came home + Abaham Dower Came Pm. W, fine a few drops of rain Pm

4 Drew in 10 loads turnips W, very fine cler

5 Drew in 17 loads turnips with 2 teams. Frank is better again. W. East wind. began to rain at dusk from east

6 Drew in 10 loads turnips which finished them W. Cloudy mild

7 Drew two loads Potatoes out of field into little Orchard & Pitted them. Chored Pm. W. clear AM rained nearly all Pm Nancy & Adeline went to quilting at M Neighswanders

{Second Page}

Nov 1872

Nov 8 Took 6 ewes to Br N's & bought Galloway Bull from Br S's I intend to fatten him on shares. AM I & Dave took last potatoes 15 bags into cellar & drew 3 loads wood Pm W. rather cold. a slight squaul PM. Heard that Josiah Parsons shanty south of Br N. was burned this PM. & his 3 children burned to death: shocking!

9 Dave Plowed in root ground. I chored & went to Cherrywood AM. Took Some chop to Br S's Chopping mill in his sawmill. & helped M Dyke clean a lot of Peas brought home chop this evening. W. fine clear. sharp frost last night.

Sunday 10 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Rev H Barkey sermon on St John 10 C by Br C. I & Nancy went to Br C's awhile Pm. W. fine clear

11 I went to see JB to come & help me to draw barley to Whitby. AM. Helped M Dyke to put in some 4 in tiles south of Graveyard PM W. Cloudy mild

12 I & JB took 2 loads 88 bus 19lbs barley to Whitby @ 65 cts. W. drizzly rain a few hours this morning Cleared up PM. road very heavy & slippery Mr Dyke & Dave dug ditch ditch along west side of lane & on Townline past old lime kiln to let water rain east from lane into creek

13 JB took 50 bus 30lbs barley to Whitby @ 65 cts I & R Gourdy dug a grave at Hebron for Michael Burkholders child AM. Went to Funeral PM Dave Plowed in root ground. W. fine clear AM. strong East wind PM. began to rain about 8 Tonight

14 I & Dave Drew some lumber to new barn at M Dykes I & Br C have Traded land I give him my Scarboro fifty acres & the corner field that I bought off CB & $500.00 for Lot No 4 containing 70 acres. {Squiggly line} I took grist 10 lbs wheat to Cedar Grove Mill this evening

15 I & Dave moved some stones out of Cellar at Dykes barn & I went to get in a few logs at Sawmill AM I cut some Cedar logs in Flavius swamp to lay stable floors at Dykes & helped Dave finish putting dung on potatoe pits PM. W. hard frost last night ground frose hard

16 I went to Markham Dave & W drew Horse dung on heap in field below garden I & W brought load of Planks to Dykes This evening W. Cold clear

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Name: Josiah Parsons Gender: Male Age: 3 Birth Date: abt 1869 Birth Place: Pickering, Ontario Death Date: 8 Nov 1872 Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada Religion: Primitive Methodist Cause of Death: Burned To Death

Name: Elizabeth Jane Parsons Gender: Female Age: 2 Birth Date: abt 1870 Birth Place: Pickering, Ontario Death Date: 8 Nov 1872 Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada Religion: Methodist Episcopal Church Cause of Death: Burned To Death

Name: John Parsons Gender: Male Age: 3 Birth Date: abt 1869 Birth Place: Pickering, Ontario Death Date: 8 Nov 1872 Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada Religion: Primitive Methodist Cause of Death: Burned To Death

Name: Florence Victoria Burkholder Birth Date: 5 Dec 1871 Birth Place: Pickering, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Death Date: 11 Nov 1872 Death Place: Pickering, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Cemetery: Reesor Mennonite Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Markham, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Has Bio?: N Father: Michael Burkholder Mother: Elizabeth Burkholder URL: