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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 35.pdf

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Dec 1872

Sunday Novr 17 at home all day. W. Cold Windy Clear frose hard

18 I Drew Cedar from Flavius swamp to Dykes. AM went to Belford PM. W Pulled down south garden fence front of house & dug out lilac bush & Plum trees. Plowed it up & brought 250 2 in tiles PM W. very Cold Clear windy

19 Helped Carpenters Boyd & his two men at stables at Dykes Cut a few more Cedars in Our little swamp in N W Corner field. W. very Cold. rather Cloudy windy

20 I drew some lumber AM Went to J D for my mother & took Janet McGaw home PM. her time is up with us. Boys drew wood AM W. & RW sawed some rail timber PM. W. very Cold. windy Looks like freesing up

21 I asked hands to thresh tommorow W helped RW saw a few Cuts & then he & Dave drew wood Carpenters finished stables. W. Cold. windy

22 Threshed 187 bus Oats & 47 spring wheat all went well Finished before 4 Oc {O'clock} W. slight dribbles of snow from East

23 I & W Drew scattered stones on heap at Dyks {Dykes} barn. Dyke helped Dave Cut wood. W. some snow from west AM. all thawed Pm

Sunday 24 at home Br S's & CB's were here. AB's awhile PM. W. a great deal Milder looks like opening out

25 Helped Br C kill a pig & Went with W to unload 500 2 in {inch} tiles at M Dykes to drain Barn walls AM Took Dave & his trunk home PM. W very very strong west wind calm tonight pretty cold

26 I & W Chored AM brought in Plows & built a Culvert at end of lane. Then we went to D Brands Sale PM. I bought a Crowbar at 80 cts. W. Cold this morning very Clear & beautiful through the day. Cold again this evening the roads are as good as June frost in yet

27 I Taught German School in Hebron Chapel in my Br Cs place he has been teaching the last few weeks & today he has the Threshing Machine & Could not leave home W. Cold windy

28 I chored AM. JB was here at noon I went to ABs & JD PM to ask them to help to kill hogs on Saturday W. Cold a little flurry of snow PM

29 I went to meeting at Cedar Grove AM. C Bang of Michigan & L Hoover of Rainham Preached on St John 3 C ~ 16 V made ready for killing hogs PM Br C & L Hoover were here a little while PM W. very Cold Clear

30 Killed our 7 hogs. W. very Cold & windy. Coldest day this season a little squall of snow about noon

Dec 1872

Dec 1 1872 Sunday at home all day. W. milder snowed from East nearly all day about 4 in fell. mild tonight

2 Helped Nancy fix up things rendered lard. W very soft snow going fast. Just now blowing up again. 9 OC looks like getting Colder

3 Helped Br N kill hogs. W. mild a little snow. thin sleighing

4 I & Nancy helped AB's kill hogs. W. Fine mild thin sleighing

5 I & Nancy Helped Br C. kill hogs W. mild Cloudy

6 I helped Br S's kill hogs. W. fine mild

7 I didn't do very much got Cold in nose & head {g?} Frank front shoes removed AM. W. fine mild

Sunday 8 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C sermon on Luke 15 C by R H Barker M N {...?} & Abraham Burkholder were here PM W. fine mild a little flurry of snow last night. a little thin sleighing

9 Chored. got bad Cold in head. W. very Cold windy

10 Bought barrel salt at Cherrywood @ $1.60. AM Auctionered a small family sale for my Mother PM I bought sugar kettle @$1.25 3 sap buckets @ 6 cts & Cross cut saw @ 50 cts hoe @ 6 cts W. some milder

11 Went to Whitevale AM Chored & Put brine on 1 tub full of Pork PM. W. Clear sharp. thin sleighing

12 Helped CB kill hogs. W. fair, not very Cold

13 Took 5 bus grist spring Wheat to Cedar Grove Mill AM didn't do much PM Have bad Cold in head W. pretty Cold, Cloudy

14 Brought home grist of flour & took out some Chop to Cedar Grove mill AM Helped M Dyke Clean up 5 1/2 days threshing of Peas PM. W. Milder looks a little like a storm

Sunday 15 Went to Flavius' they were not at home then went to Br C's he was not at home. then went to Br N's & found them at home. W. very windy AM. Calm PM. JD Came & Took my Mother home with him this morning & brought her back again this evening

16 I helped JD's kill hogs. W. pretty sharp Clear PM

17 Chored. Put brine on last Pork PM. W. Clear sharp. Barbara Barkey got Married today to old Isaac Moyer from Clinton

18 I went to Markham AM Chored PM Had visitors this evening Br N's Christian Gayman & mother inlaw Aunt Barbara Burkholder Jas Shirks & wife JD's. W. Flurrys of snow. good wheeling & thin sleighing

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Marriage Notes from

Ontario Marriages 1826-1938

Name: Isaac A Moyer, Widower Age: 50 Birth Year: abt 1822 Birth Place: Clinton, Ontario Marriage Date: 17 Dec 1872 Marriage Place: Canada, Ontario, Ontario, Township of Pickering, Christian Reesor residence Father: Jacob Moyer Mother: Anna Moyer Spouse: Barbara Barkey, Widow Age: 39