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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 40.pdf

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April 1873 May

Sunday 27 all went to Meeting at Hebron. remarks & sermon on {blank space} by Br C. went awhile to Br C's PM. W. fine. Cool Clear

28 both Plowed. finished sod behind old barn. W. fine Clear

29 I sowed about 6 bus spring wheat in field East of dam. Little John gang Plowed it C plowed last years root ground in same field W. fine Clear

30 I & Flavius Put 8 new Pannels Pickets round south side of Front garden. C Plowed. W. very fine. warm. clear Little John Finished Ganging west half of field East of dam. A M

May 1 Finished sowing & Harrowing field East of Lane with spring wheat. W. fine Cool. looks like rain ronight

2 Cleaned seed Pea's A M. C took plow to shop and I drew some lumbr P M. W. raing A M. rather drissly P M. C plowed below Orchard aftr supper brought home 22 sucker's that Br S. gave me They are Caught in number in the Rouges

3 Both plowed in field of sod below Orchard A M I went to Markham for Norway spruce trees about 60. P M W. rather Cloudy Cool

Sunday Went to Isaac Moyer's at George Travis old place on 4th Con Pickering at noon then to A B's P M W. fine Clear

5 both Plowed below Orchard I & Nancy went to Belford this evening. W. Clear. Cool

6 C finished Plowing this morning. I got 6½ bus Gealand Oats at C B's & sowed them below orchard C Harrowed. I helped finished harrowing P M then rolled them. C began Plow in field back of garden W. fine Clear Cool

7 I rolled spring wheat till supper time then Chored in garden. C Plowed. W. Cold East wind looks like rain

8 Oiled good double harness. W. rain & wind from east all day

9 Oild single harness AM brought home sap buckets & kettles & Chored & I went to Ceder Grove P M. W. rain AM Clear PM

10 C plowed for CB. I Nancy & little John Took Cow Daisy to WM's he bought her for $35.00 W. Clear. West wind

Sunday 11 We & my Mother went to JD's W. fine Clr

12 Went to Samul Hoover's at Altona. went Trout fishing I Caught 4

{Secon Page}

May 1873

& he Caught 4 in a short time Went to M N's for supper W. fine Clear. Cloudy this evening. C plowed in field back of garden, pretty wet yet. My Mare Jess had a fine Mare Colt yesterday morning

13 I went to Br S's for some Goodrich Potatoes A M. Chored P M W. Cold wind. C Plowed

14 Went to Meeting at Wideman's remarks by R{ev} Joseph Barkey sermon on St Mat 18 C by R'd Daniel Lehman from Hay. went to Finlaws after service Called at J H Ramer's for 2 Pigs W. fine Clear. Cold north West wind C finished Plowing back of garden

15 Sowed sod field behind barn with Peas harrowed twice & Part third time. W. clear Cool wind N West

16 Finished harrowing Peas & then sowed field back of garden with Oats & harrowed it. W. Clear Cold wind

17 C Rolled Peas & Oats. which finishes Our Seeding I went to Cherrywood A M. & I & Nancy went to Markham P M. bought 9 apple trees at Crosby Nursery. W. fine warm Clear. but Cold wind

18 Sunday. I & Nancy went to Meeting at Widemans Appropiate Texts & sermon's by Br C & Jos Barkey for the Celebration of the Lords supper. went to Jacob Widemans after service. W. fine. Clear. Cool wind from north

19 I & C Picked stones off big field which is new meadow on East Part. A M I helped James Milroy Put on some Grafts P M. W. fine warm Clear

20 Drew in Potatoes out of Pits & Planted Early Potatoes in both gardens. & Finlaw's were here a little while P M W. pretty warm. a very little rain P M Potatoes well sowed.

21 C Plowed 2 lands sod north of graveyard A M then we planted it with Corn P M. I helped Br C's sow grass seed this morning. W. fair warm Clear

Ascension day 22. at home. M N's Juniors were here Br C's at supper. W. fine Clear

23 Dunged & Plowed little Orchard. I & Nancy went to Belford after supper. W. very warm. Clear warmest day this spring

24 I took JH Ramer's Tilman & Leissy part way home they were here a few days & got 1 bus Peas Chopped at Cedar Grove mills A M

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Notes on Goodrich Potatoes

There are two potatoes that may be considered American classics of the nineteenth century. One is Worcester’s Seedling, developed by the Reverend Thomas Worcester of Boston and introduced commercially in 1868. The other is Garnet Chile. Regardless of its culinary merits, which are not to be dismissed, Garnet Chile shifted potato culture in this country in an entirely new direction. The Reverend Chauncy E. Goodrich of Utica, New York, introduced this variety in 1853. In response to the blight of 1846, he obtained seed stock from Chile, and from those plants he selected this small, round, pink potato that became the granddaddy of most nineteenth-century varieties we know today. Goodrich’s influence was even more pervasive than his famous potato; he published an important article in the Report of the Commissioner of Patents (1856, 205–6) on techniques for propagating new potato varieties from seed. This article was circulated among the country’s leading horticulturists, and its lessons were soon put into practice. After all, Goodrich was no novice; he had also created many other well-known potato varieties, among them Calico, Goodrich’s Early, and Cuzco.