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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 42.pdf

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June 1873

June 17 Caught 32 Colorado Potato Beetles on Potatoes in little Orchard, they have been coming from the far west the last few years they have been very numerous in some fields in this vicinity the last year Then I drew 19 logs out of the old bush with hind waggon wheels C is not able to work since last Saturday Morning Saml Brubaker & wife were here awhile AM. W. very warm

18 drew some timber to Dyke's AM took spring waggon to Cherrywood to get Boxing fastened. got 5 half bunches shingles at AB's for Dyke's Kitchen W. warm clr

19 C came this Morning. both worked on road drew gravel W. very warm

20 both drew gravel. W. rather Cooler strong wind. J H Ramer's were here this evening

21 I worked on road C began breaking fallow Isaac Moyers & his Brother & wife & Brother in law & wife were here awhile PM. W dry & warm

Sunday 22 Went to Meeting at the Union remarks by Br C Sermon on St Part of 7 C by R'd H Barkey P Hoover & family were here after service heard this evening that Br S's wife was very sick I went out after dark. fournd that she was better again she was nearly strangled with a drop of molasses in her throat. W. a few drops of rain this morning. Cloudy this evening

23 I went to Markham. got some Medicine for my Mother Cough. got Cent shod. took 2 bags Potatoes to Jose Wideman & got Dinner at J H Ramers & brought 2 Pigs home with me spread some dung & Plowed one round of fallow. a shower stopped us

24 both Plowed. Flavius spread dung PM W. fine rain last night, a showery AM very acceptable grain need it very bad much spring wheat looked very yellow but the shower brightened it up

25 Both Plowed AM. C began to make turnip drills I & Nancy took reaper to Mongolia to get Boxes filled went to Lehmans for supper. W. fine Clear crops growing again

26 I Plowed AM brought turnip drill & Sowed Part PM C finished making drills about 3 PM then Plowed W. fine

27 I finished Sowing then Plowed. C went to Party at Cherrywood PM I & liittle boys Plated {sic} some Potatoes below garden in turnip field after supper W. very warm

June 1873

28 I & C finished Plowing fallow AM Planted some Potatoes below garden & it is rather late but we are trying an experiment hoed Corn and some early Potatoes I & Nancy went to Belgard this evening W. very warm & Close about the warmest day yet

Sunday 29 I Nancy & My Mother went to Meeting at Wideman Appropriate Sermon by RH Baskey & Br C for the administering of Holy Baptism which was Performed by Br. C Ten Converts were Baptised. Vis John Leyman Joseph Koch & wife Elizabeth Barkholder & RH Basky, Daughters Sarah & Anne his son Henry & wife but Could not attend his wife is in Ottawa getting a Cancer Cured. went to Finlaws after service W very warm

30 I went to Markham to buy some shingles & get horses shod. W. fine rain last night & some today

July 1 Chored & drew some old rails home AM I & C helped Br C saw wood M N brought his Machine PM. W. some rain last night, warm today

2 Helped Br C finish sawing & set up saw at home AM. Sawed PM. W warm shower last night & a little PM. Abraham Hock from Clinton was here awhile PM

3 Finished sawing about 70 logs. AM. Mowed swale opposite Br C's PM W. very warm. Close

4 C finished swale & Piled Pea straw dung & I Chored AM Punched thistles in spring wheat & raked & Cocked hay PM. W. very warm. Clear

5 I, C & Flowers mowed swale in field East or Orchard W Morrison was here awhile today he borrowed my Old hay rack. W. pretty warm AM high wind PM

Sunday 6 at home all day. JD's were here at noon Br in law David Hoovers were here at supper. W. warm. Clear

7 Raked & drew in swale East of Orchard 3 loads W. fine

8 C helped Br N mow. I mowed nearly all East half of big field with Machine W. few drops rain this morning. fine today

9 Finished Mowing a little Clover & went to see C Patton to put up Kitchen at M Dykes AM had Flowers & Br C's team & 2 men to draw in Clover about 7 small loads till supper time. W. fine Clear

10 I & C Helped Br C get in 3 loads Hay with team began to rain at 8 O'clock fine rain till 3 PM things growing fine. cleaned grist {?}

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Colorado Potato Beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) The Colorado potato beetle entered Canada via Ontario in 1870, reaching Prince Edward Island by 1883. It is absent from insular Newfoundland. It is the most important insect pest on potato in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. In Nova Scotia, it is a secondary or rare pest.

Hosts of the Colorado potato beetle are limited to the Solanaceae. The beetle prefers potato but it also attacks eggplant, tomato and weeds such as groundcherry, wild tomato, and climbing nightshade.