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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 52.pdf

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Feb 1874

Candlemas Feb 2 Chored & threshed 2 floors Pm W. heavy blow from East snow light am. heavy Pm cloudy all day

3 Chored. Took Pork out of brine. W. Mild about 6 in snow fell yesterday. Mannasse Frets's were here this eveing

4 I went to Dyke's bush am Mast men drew away the last Mast today I & Nancy went to Belford Pm My Mother rests very well now. W. mild Cloudy

5 Helped R W hang up Br C's Pork then he helped hand hang Our's AM. Chored Pm R Saul Hoover & wife were here this Evening. W. Cold

6 threshed a floor of Peas AM J B helped me thresh all Pm. W. sharp am some snow Pm

7 took 6 bus Peas to Cedar Grove Mills brought them home Pm. W. sharp. Cler. My Mother does not rest

Sunday 8 at home all day Br S's were here. W. fine Cler

9 Chored Am. I & Nancy wen to J D's Pm to see little son W. pretty Cold, sharp west wind

10 Chored Am. I & Adeline. & hired girl Elisabeth Frets went to Markham Pm. W. mild. a little snow, Martin Raymer died of smallpox at Hagerman's Corners this morning

11 I went to B.S.S. Am. J H Ramer's were here when I got home. W. fine Cler beautiful

12 RW. helped me Clean some Peas I & little boys measured them up 22 bus. got old barn ready for Clover Machine W. Strong East wind all day pretty Cold

13 David Ramer's Clover Machine Came here at noon threshed our little bit of seed, hardly 2 bus Poor W. rain & some lightning last night & nearly all day

14 went to Markham. W. fine. sleighing pretty good yet

Sunday 15 at home. I & Nancy went a few minutes to JD's Pm. C B's younsters were here. W. .fine, Cler

16 I went to Flavius AM. S G Reesor's were here on a visit. today. W. mild squally, windy few inches snow last night

17 Br N & his son Peter helped me kill a beef Am I delivered the meat Pm sold it at. front quarters $4.00 per Cwt hind $6.00 W. pretty Cold.

18 I went to WM AM Chored PM Old M.Neighswander were here awhile Pm W. pretty cold

{Second page}

Feb 1874

19 Chored AM Took 10 bus grist to P Hoovers Mill PM D Neighswanders were here AM. W. milder. Cloudy Pm Finlaws Came this evening to stay all night

20 Chored AM brought home grist Pm. W. Mild. fine John N Ramer died of smallpox last night

21 Chored. Nancy wen to Markham & to J H Ramers with Br. C. I went to JD's Pm. W. soft snow nearly all day I went to Belford this evening. My Mother pretty smart

22 Sunday at home girls went to Meeting at Cedar Grove with Br. C's Br N. & Br S's were here Pm W. Cler

23 Chored. W. heavy west wind. some rain last night thus Covered with ice this morning. Mostly thawed today

24 Chored & threshed 4 floors of Peas. W. rather mild

25 Took grist Chope to Br S's this morning then gave My Mother a ride to Br C's, he was not home then I brought her home again. then I & Nancy & then the Children went to Ab's. W. sharp East air am. light snow pm

26 Brought home Chop from Br S's this morning then Nancy & My Mother wen to JD's on a visit she stood it pretty well. W. Cold sharp air from west

27 Chored & took some wood from Br C's to Hebron Went to Cedar Grove this evening. W. fine Cler this is my son Abram's 2nd Birthday

28 went to Saml Shank's this Morning to ask him to help me to dig a grave for Josephus Stover's Child. then to Br. S's to get Measure AM Dug grave Pm. W.

March 1 Sunday I & Nancy went to the Funeral at Hebron Sermon by Br C & A Ramer Geroge Lohman & Michael Frets's were here Pm. W. very fine

March 2 Chored AM drove Cow to Br N. Pm I & Nancy went to Old W M's this evening W. very fine

3 I & Nancy little boys & My Mother wen to Br N's on a visit W. mild rain this evening

4 Chored AM. Went to ask Henry Stover to help thresh Peas Pm. W. Cloudy windy sleighing good

5 Helped Henry Stover thresh Peas & went to Funeral of John Milroys Child. W. Cold. wind

6 threshed Peas. Cleaned 37 bus Pm. W. strong wind from East. some snow pm

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Name: Martin Raymer Gender: Male Age: 23 Birth Date: 1851 Birth Place: Markham, Ontario Death Date: 10 Feb 1874 Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada Religion: Evangelical Cause of Death: Vanola

Name: John N Raymer Gender: Male Age: 36 Birth Date: abt 1838 Birth Place: Markham, Ontario Death Date: 20 Feb 1874 Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada Religion: Evangelical Cause of Death: Vanola Phathisis Palmonalis

Name: Mary Ida Stover Gender: Female Birth Place: Markham, Canada Death Date: 27 Feb 1874 Age: 15 months Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada Cause of Death: Cerebro Spinal Meningitis, 15 days Register #: 008834

Name: Sarah Milroy Gender: Female Birth Place: Markham, Canada Death Date: 03 March 1874 Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada Cause of Death: Diptheria, 2 weeks Register #: 008840