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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 55.pdf

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May 1874

May 1 Worked at garden fence AM Br. C helped awhile Joe Sawed Pickets & fixed fences {illegible} I & Nancy went to Markham Pm. W. fine Cler frost last night. Joseph Barkey's sone John died last night

2 I & Joe worked at garden fence AM sowed about 5 1/2 acres spring wheat on west part of field back of old barn. W. fine Clear Pm warmer

Sunday 3 I Nancy, my Mother & little boys went to JD's W. fine Cler

4 Had Bee to fix Church yard fence at Hebron Joe finished harrowing spring wheat then helped till noon drew some Scantling to finish fence then plowed opposite Br C's W. fine Cler. I took 2 bags Potatoes to W Clods this evening to pay for suckers

5 Sowed part of field back of garden with Peas Joe ganged them in JB came & finished garden fence & I & he fixed old board fence around field back of old barn. I bought 50 suckers of W Clod this evening for $ 1.00 W. fine Cler

6 I finshed Sowing Peas am harrowed some Pm Joe finished ganging till supper & began to plow north of graveyard. W. Cler. blowed up Cold pm

7 I finished harrowing & began to Roll Peas helped JB Put in Posts on East side of lane after supper little John rolled. Joe finished plowing north of graveyard. W. fine. Cool, Cloudy tonight

8 Joe ganged in field near Hoovers I & Nancy took hired girl home this morning, she is not well, then I finished rolling Peas Am sowed & harrowed spring wheat north of graveyard. I & JB sowed grassseed on it this evening. W. fence warm Cler

9 Joe ganged I rolled spring wheat north of graveyard then took 12 bu Oats into field near Hoover's Couldn't sow too windy. I went to Funeral of Uncle Peter Reesor's wife, she died on Thursday. W. strong west wind very warm

Sunday 10 at home. my Mother & Children went to Br C's Pm then I & Nancy went to AB's they were not at home. W. very sultry & warm dry

{Second Page}

May 1874

11 I & JB sowed 24 bus Oats in field near Hoovers little John Harrowed Joe finished ganging at supper time & then helped to harrow I helped JB at lane fence Pm . W. fine Cler dry

12 I drew 2 loads Culls for lane fence Am began to plow below garden Pm Joe helped after supper. W. pretty warm Cler

13 I & Joe fixed a little fence then both Plowed below garden got done & I sowed it with Oats John harrowed it once, JB finished lane fence Plenty of suckers at Br S's now there has been some obstruction or low water or some other cause that kept them back in the little Rouge untill a few days ago

Ascension 14 I & Children went to Meeting at Hebron remarks & sermon on Acts 1st C by Br C AB Reesor was here at noon. I & Nancy went to AB's PM. W. fine Cler beautiful

15 Joe Plowing south of graveyard and I finished harrowing Oats AM Plowed East of Orchard Pm. W. fine Cler

16 Both plowed till about 10 am when a shower stopped us Sowed Peas south of graveyard & East of Orchard Pm Joe staked fence along 11th Con W. blowed up Cool Pm

Sunday 17 at home all day JD's were here at noon John G Hoover's wife died last night. W. Clear & Cloudy a few fine showers rainy tonight

18 Chored in barn AM, filled drain & plowed opposite Br C's Pm. W. fine rain am Cler Pm

19 I began to sow Oats opposite Br C's & Joe plowed swale where we put tiles AM. sowed swale & finished harrowing & Joe fixed fence Pm W. fine Cler

20 Sowed grass seed south of graveyard & East of Orchard & below garden AM sowed 1 bag plaster on pasture field (big field) & 3 bags on N West Corner field which is intended for Meadow. I got 1/2 bus Early rose potatoes at AB's after supper. W. Cloudy

21 Joe plowed little Orchard am I rolled where we sowed grassseed sowed Orchard with Oats & rolled oats opposite B. C's Pm

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Name: John Barkey Birth Date: 25 Oct 1842 Birth Place: Ontario, Canada Death Date: 30 Apr 1874 Death Place: Markham, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Cemetery: Wideman Mennonite Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Markham, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Has Bio?: N Father: Joseph Barkey Mother: Veronica Barkey Spouse: Hannah Barr Children: Emma Barkey Joseph Louis Barkey URL:

plural noun: scantlings 1. a piece of lumber of small cross section. 2. a set of standard dimensions for parts of a structure, especially in shipbuilding.

from Name: Anna Reesor Birth Date: 27 Nov 1810 Death Date: 7 May 1874 Cemetery: Locust Hill Church Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Locust Hill, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Has Bio?: Y Father: John Hamilton Spouse: Peter Reesor Children: Solomon Reesor Abraham Hamilton Reesor Andrew Reesor Esther Break Jacob Reesor Frederick Kay Reesor Josephus Reesor Peter Reesor URL: