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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 56.pdf

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May 1874

Joe harrowed turnip ground Pm. W. Coold wind Cler

22 Planted 7 drills Potatoes in turnip ground back of barn AM. Joe drew dung back of barn Pm where we intend to Plant some Corn & I drew a load of lumber. turned Cattle to pasture yesterday evening it is rather short yet. W. fine Cler

23 I went to Markham Joe Plowed down Manure. ^ am I rolled little orchard & I and little boys drew old boards & rubbish out of lane. & Joe harrowed Corn ground & took grist Chop to Cedar Grove Mills Pm W. looks a little like rain

Sunday ^Whit 24 I & some of Children wen to Meeting at Hebron Nancy staid with My Mother remarks by Br C Sermon on by Rev Joe Wideman Finlaws were here at dinner Jac Wideman's at supper W. Mild some Cloudy few drops rain Pm Mare Jess had fine horse Colt yesterday

Whit Monday 25 I & little boys went fishing with lines to little Rouge this am Caught 35 nice Chubs W. Splendid rain last night & this Morning heavy wind Pm. I had to fix some board fence on Pickering townline that blew down

26 I went to Cherrywood & trimmed several apple trees am I & John Picked stones off Meadow Pm Joe Plowed Potatoe ground Pm W. fine clear

27 I & J B worked at up & down board fence behind barn Joe Drew rails from Dyke's bush & furrowed out Corn^ ground after supper. W. fine warm Cler Br N's Br S's & B.C were here Pm with Rev C Gayman & wife & Rev Culp & Deacon Hoch & wife from Cuyuga this Pm

28 Sowed 3 Pecks Western feed Corn and about 14 drills of Canadian hill Corn in north end of East side of field behind barn. I helped JB finish fence behind barn awhile Pm Joe dug in garden this evening. W. very, very warm & growing

29 dug some in garden then both finished Picking stones off Meadow till supper. Then Joe drew rails & I put on some grafts W. warm cler

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May June 1874

May 30 Meeting & Sacrement at Hebron today (Conference Met at Widemans yesterday) girls went I staid with Nancy & My Mother. Joe drew stones off Meadow W. very warm M N's were here after service Dad Hoovers and Jac Reesors brought Rev's Hallman & wife & Rev Cressman & wife from Waterloo awhile Pm Joseph Hagey Called a few minutes this morning, there are a great many visiting Brethren in the Neighbourhood

Sunday 31 at home all day. Mary Dyke was here Pm W. very warm fine shower about noon. everything growing fine I found a shaped wheat head 2 inches long this evening

June 1 I went to Markham Joe got Frank & Nell shod am I & Herman & Benjamin Pulled weeds in fall wheat Pm very few in it. Wheat looks splendid Joe pulled down fence East of dam. W. fine Cler. Cool

2 Got up at 4 Oc this morning Sent Joe for Dr Black (Cr McCausland has not Come back to Markham yet after his severe sickness) Nancy gave birth to a pretty little girl about 6 am/ nobody present but my self Dr soon Came, all smart, washed sheep Pm. W. fine

3 Built fence abong west side of fallow east of dam. Finlaws were here. W. fine Cler

4 Drew home old rails for wood. Joe fixed some fence Pm S Lehmans were here & Nancy's sister Sarah I brought home grist after supper W. very warm, looks a little like rain

5 Fixed fence along east end of big filed & fixed bas{illegible} I went to JD's to see my Mother she is there since Wednesday Joe began plowing turnip ground & I tended W Hoover at shearing our sheep Pm. W. very warm

6 Both plowed turnip ground. W. warmer Manasse Fret's & Joseph Wismers from Clinton were here awhile Pm

Sunday 7 at home AB's Flavius S Ramer's. Br S's some of his Children were here Pm & CB's this evening W. fine rain some thunder I & little boys went to JD's to see my Mother this evening she is pretty smart

8 Both plowed in turnip ground am Joe began draw dung on fallow & I finished Plowing till supper then took Chop to mill. W. fine Cler

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Name: Esther Reesor Gender: Female Birth Date: 2 Jun 1874 Birth Place: York, Ontario, Canada Father: Benjamin B Reesor Mother: Nancy Hoover