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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 62.pdf

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Oct 1874

Oct 13 Both Picked apples. W. cold, a few flakes of snow

14 Joe harrowed & Picked stones off field back of gardn I Chored & Picked a few apples. W. pretty fine

15 I made 45 gals Cider Am went to Flavius & Picked a few apples Pm. Joe drew dung on field back of garden. W. beautiful fine Cler very white frost this morning

16 Boiled Sauce. Joe drew dung Flavius filled Pm W. fine cler

17 Drew dung I & Flavius filled am. Joe went to J Clark's rainy Pm I drew dung & Flavius filled W. very fine. Br C & Br S's Came home from United States today

Sunday 18 at home Jane Duncan was here W. Cold wind

19 Finished drawing dung & shook apples am began digging Potatoes Pm. W. fine Cler

20 dug Potatoes W. beautiful & warm

21 dug Potatoes W. beautiful & warm

22 Finished digging Potatoes this evening they were very large & pretty good turnout. W. fine white frost last night

23 John harrowed Potatoes ground & I & little boys Picked odd Potatoes AM dug last of early Potatoes behind barn Pm Joe finished plowing fall wheat stubble Am Plowed a little in new ground second time Pm Flavius spread dung Pm. W. very fine Cler

24 I went shooting awhile Am with Otis W Burkholder, not much game Saw one Black squirrel I shot that went to B's Pm & chored Joe Plowed Am threshed Peas Pm W. fine Cler

Sunday 25 at home. JB's were here Pm. W. fine

26 I chored am Nancy took stowes girl home Joe Plowed. Both Plowed Pm W. fine warm

27 Both Plowed. W. fine Am. rather Cloudy Pm this is the 17th anniversary of My Marriage a little rain last night

{Second Page} Oct Nov 1874

28 I went to Markham Am Plowed Pm. W. Cooler

29 Plowed Rev Jac Wideman & wife Came on a visit little John Plowed a while then. W. Cler very high wind Pm J H Ramer's boy & girls were here today

30 we finished Plowing Pea field second time until noon then began Pulling turnips Pm W. pretty Cold wind Uncle Saml Reesor's were here awhile Pm

31 I & little boys made 57 gals Cider & Joe threshed Peas am Joe Pulled turnips Pm. I didn't feel well W. Cold windy

Sunday Nov 1 at home Br N's were here Pm. W squauls of snow. didn't whiten the ground

2 I & little boys killed a pig am. Joe pulled turnips. I & boys helped awhile Pm W mild

3 Pulled turnips, very white frost last night I quit about 3 pm to tend Mason to fix oven

4 Pulled turnips. W. a little frost last night John Bear died yesterday evening

5 Pulled turnip untill about 9 Oc when it began to rain then Joe threshed Peas Finlaws came am, rained till about 2 Pm then finished Pulling turnips

6 Began drawing in turnips I went to J Bear's funeral Am Drew with 2 waggons Pm took in 12 loads W. beautiful Cler warm

7 Drew turnips with 2 waggons Am & with 1 Pm took in 14 loads I Pitched back in cellar Pm

Sunday 8 Nancy & girls went to Meeting at Hebron I & boys Staid with my Mother Diller's were here a while am. S Lehmans were here Pm & Uncle John Burkholder. Br C's were here this evening W. fine Cler

9 Finished drawing in turnip 6 loads I went to B.S. this evening. W. fine Cler

10 Drew 4 cords wood out of old bush for my Mother Put apples into Cellar & Joe threshed some Peas. I went to Cedar Grove this evening W. pretty strong east wind. Cool Adeline & Suzanne went to wedding at JH Ramer's Emmaline was married today to Benj Hoover our girls went with Br C & his girls

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Name: John More Bear Gender: Male Age: 53 Birth Date: abt 1821 Birth Place: England Death Date: 3 Nov 1874 Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada Religion: Bible Christian Cause of Death: Remittent Fever

from Name: Benjamin Hoover Parents: Daniel & Francis Hoover Age: 22 Name: Emiline Ramer [Emaline Ramer] Age: 19 Birth Year: abt 1855 Birth Place: Markham, Ontario Marriage Date: 10 Nov 1874 Marriage Place: Canada, York, Ontario Father: John H Ramer Mother: Mary Hoover