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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 63.pdf

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Nov 1874

Nov 11 Joe went to Old W Morrison's Plowing Bee he bought Henry Peter's farm & had a Plowing Bee on it I filled a piece of drain in big Pea field AM harrowed opposite Br C's PM. W. pretty Cold

12 Both Plowed Potatoe & oat ground opposite Br. Cs. W. Cold. Cler

13 Both finished Plowing Opposite Br Cs AM I went to W Burkholder's sale PM. Joe began Plowing turnip ground PM. W. vey Cold. freesing

14 Joe Plowed a little this morning. had to quit frose too hard then he drew Sawed Wood into shed. I didnt do much. have bad Cold moved stoves this morning. W. very Cold. day

Sunday 15 at home. Br S's were here. Br Ns & C B's were here PM. W. Cler. milder

16 I & Nancy & little boys went to J H Ramer's W. fine cler roads good

17 Joe threshed few Peas this morning then both Plowed in turnip land. W. a little rain this morning foggy through the day

18 Both Plowed awhile AM. Joe Plowed PM I didnt do much PM. Revd Jos Barkeys were here awhile. then I went to John Cobers this evening for some tar to Fumigate my head. got a bad Cold. W. pretty Cold. rather Cloudy

19 Joe helped J D's kill hogs. I Chored J B sawed wood for my Mother I helped a little & we fixed Cow manger. brought home old sow today & Pumpninker fixed Cistern Pump & front Pump. my Cold is better. W. Cloudy

20 Chored & Cleaned grist AM I took it to Mill & Joe threshed Peas PM. W. about 2 inches snow last night & AM. tied up Cattle last night

21 Fixed things round stables ready for winter brought home yearling Colt from Br C's AM Cleaned Peas & Joe took them to mill & I made ready for Killing Pigs on Monday. PM W. rather mild. snow not gone yet

Sunday 22 at home. W. blustery. & a little snow from east PM

23 Killed our 7 hogs. W. rain last night Cloudy today some rain & soft snow this evening

{facing page}

Nov 1874 Dec

Novr 24 I went to Br Cs this morning to help Kill hogs wether to stormy Came home & fixed things in shop Joe threshed Peas. W snow from west heavy wind this morning a little today I & little John brought home Peas Chop this evening

25 I & Nancy helped Br C kill hogs J. plowed W. fine. no frost in ground. about an inch of snow

26 I & Nancy helped A Bs Kill hogs. W. fine & mild

27 I went to old W. Morrison's A.M. Cleaned out tile drains & enlarged little Orchard PM Joe finished Plowing & w{a}ter furrowing turnip ground AM W mild

28 Made sheep rack & temporary bars between old barn & driving house. W. soft snow near all day

Sunday 29 I & Nancy went to Funeral of Russian Mennonites Child at Cedar Grove. I think I forgot to mention that six families of Mennonites are staying in Markham over winter they arrived in Toronto rather late to go to Manitoba Several families are living in Uncle Saml Reesor's house one of their Children was buried today sermon by Br C on 71st Psalm 23 V. W. about six in snow last night tough sleighing

30 Joe flailed Oats AM & Peas PM I & Nancy went to Whitevale PM rough sleighing pretty Cold

Decr 1 Joe threshed Peas AM. & took grist Oats to Br S's PM. W. some snow. Mild

2 Joe Drew home Cordwood Out of old bush AM went to C Cooks wood bee PM I didn't do much Have sore throat. W. fine mild snow going

3 I done nothing. Joe went to Funeral of Robt Spence AM Cut wood in Old bush PM I done nothing my throat very sore. W. snow nearly all gone

4 Joe drew dung to bank turnip celer AM his time is up at noon today W. very fine clr

5 I Chored. W. Mild. Cloudy. my throat is Pretty sore

Sunday 6 I & boys went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C sermon on {blank space} by Rel Saml Hoover & he Conducted a short service at my mother's PM. W. mild Cloudy snow nearly gone

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