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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 96.pdf

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Nov 1876

Sundy 12 at home Br S's were here W. very fine

13 I & Aaron began Plowing east of Orchard Finlaws were here I went to H Stovers this morning. John Plowed in my place until German school went in Martin Hoovers is teaching in Hebron Meeting house I went to pine bush Pm with H Clark sold him 5 standing pines @ $110 per M Cubic Measure W. rather Cloudy warm

14 I & John brought Colt. Farmer, from pasture then went rabbit shooting with Br inlaws Saml & Peter Hoovers little John shot 1 Aaron Plowed W. mild cloudy

15 I & Aaron Plowed. W. very fine Cler

16 Both finished plowing below orchard then cleaned some Peas Michael Frets came on a visit Aaron dug out pine root below Orchard I took grist chop to mill this evening. W. fine roads good

17 I went to H Stovers & to Cherrywood Am went Shooting to JD's with JB awhile Pm W. fine brought home chop this evening

18 Pulled down fence east of lane as far a Creeek on Scarboro townline & built it up again we intend to dig post holes for a bound fence built up fence across Creek above dam & behind Orchard. W. east wind. Cloudy

Sundy 19 at home. nobody here W. drissly rain from east all day

20 I went to Markham & to Unionville to Register Daughter Mary Aaron threshed Peas W. rain Simon Hoover's here this morning Cloudy

21 I went to Cherrywood Am. drew dung into little Orchard Pm. W. mild Cloudy

22 Finished drawing dung AM cleaned drift out of fence at townline & deepened Creek & put in some posts Mainland is digging holes. W. pretty sharp

23 I helped Br C kill hogs W. chilly Cloudy

24 Put in some posts Aaron Chopped I went to AB's & to Cherrywood Pm W Cool

25 I went to J Dicks for 2 pigs @1.25 each Then I went to bush to see Timber measured 2083 ft W. soft snow. Aaron helped make fence at Meeting house yard Pm

{Second Page} Nov 1876 Dec

Sundy 26 at home Ramer's were here this evening W. some soft snow a few sleighs running today

27 killed our 6 hogs W. Mild a little soft snow

28 I helped CB's folks kill hots W. Mild some soft snow. thawing neighter sleighing or wheeling

29 I helped Br N's kill hogs Aaron chopped. W. Cler

30 I & Adeline helped AB's kill hogs. W very Cold

Dec 1 We Chored & drew sawed wood into shed W. very cold

2 drew wood into shed boys took 15 bus chop to mill W. Cold. a little sleighing Br inlaws Peter Hoover & Caroline Reesor here tonight

Sunday 3 I & Children went to meeting at Hebron Nancy staid at home. remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke 5 C 18 V to end of Chap by R'd S Hoover W. Milder

4 I went to JD's & to Manasseh Frets Am S Lehman's were here Christian Stovers Came Pm they brought B Lehman & wife from Stanly Township W. pretty sharp

5 I & Nancy too B Lehman & wife to Br C to JD's at noon then to Br N's to stay all night then I went to Mill for Chop W. mild

6 I & Aaron helped Br S thresh with teams W fine

7 Went to Finlaws. W. very fine roads splendid wheeling

8 I & Aaron sawed wood in old bush Am then I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove Pm. W. pretty Cold

9 Cleaned Peas & Chored. W. very Cold. very strong north wind all day This is my Nancy's 37th Birthday

Sunday 10 Went to Br C's W. very Cold Br S's youngsters here tonight

11 I & Aaron to Chop to Cedar Grove this Morning I took Frank & Nell to get shod Pm. W. 5 in snow last night & Am midling sleighing. mild

12 I Took 28 bus 53 lbs Old Treadwell wheat to Cedar Grove Mills @1.15. Am drew last of wood into shed Pm. W. few in snow last night fine sleighing

13 I & Nancy Took Aaron home then went to Saul Hoover's. went shooting got nothing W. mild sleighing going. Took 12 bus grist this morning got it home tonight

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