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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 101.pdf

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Apr 1877

4 G boiled sap I done nothing. have very bad Cold G sugared off 12 lbs sugar W. east wind

5 G flailed barly Rakings & split wood W. rain & soft snow Am Cler Pm I mad 20 new spiles & Put them in extra 2 to a bucket sap runs well

6 I boiled sap G drew wood togther on pile in bush Sugared off 20 lbs tonight W. fine Cler

7 & Nancy went to funeral of D Burkholder's little girl at Wideman's remarks by R'd Joe Wideman sermon on Part of 103 Psalm by Br C went to Finlaws after service G & boys boiled 9 1/2 lbs sugar. W. fine Cler roads drying off

Sunday 8 AB's were here. we all went to Br C's at supper. W. fine Cler

9 I boiled sap G Finished drawing wood & cut some sugared off 18 1/2 lbs sugar this evening W. fine Cler

10 I & G sawed pine log he split it in ovenwood I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove. then I & G drew out Hemlock Cordwood in ohter bush Pm. W. fine warm Cler roads good

11 Finished drawing out wood 13 1/2 Cords Michael Fret's were here for seed spring wheat @ $1.30 per bus W. very fine Cler

12 Finshed splitting ovenwood & fixed some fence Am split rails Pm. W. fine Cler

13 split rails & I boiled a gallon of Molasses W. fine Cler

14 Chored AM. G sowed 6 bus fife spring wheat with new Broad Cast seed in field east of dam Pm. M N's were here at supper W. fine

Sunday 15 went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks & sermon on St Mat part of 25 C by R'd S Hoover went to D Hanes Pm W. warm Cler

16 I helped N Burkholder draw home some lumber G nearly finished sowing field east of dam. hadnt enough seed then he harrowed some. I got seed at Br S's this evening W rather Cloudy a little rainy Pm

17 G finished sowing & harrowing wheat. began sowing oats behind barn I harrowed ahead of him W. Clear warm

{Second Page}

April 1877 May

18 we finished sowing & harrowing Oats the while field W. cloudy, began raining towards night from east

19 Chored. G split wood I went to Markham for Paint Pm. Painter began work today Painting west part of house. W. rain from east nearly all day

20 I boiled 1/2 gal Molasses & G finished splitting rails AM. bot Put in logs Pm. W. Clear

21 both Piled lumber. W. very fine Cler

Sunday 22 Adeline & Herman kept house the rest of us went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C sermon on {blank space} by R'd Jos Barkey. JB & wife Nancy's Br John & his wife ( he was married a few weeks ago to Hannah Purday of Uxbridge) Jesse & Peter Hoover & Enos & Elizabeth Nighswander were here PM. W. fine

23 G Plowed north of Orchard I & John Piled lumber AM. I began sowing barly in east end of big field. W. very warm. no school this week

24 G Plowed I finished sowing barly John began to harrow. W. slight Shower Painter finished

25 John finished harrowing barly then we gang Plowed opposite Br C's G Plowed W. fine Cler

26 Sowed barley opposite Br C's AM G finished Plowing north half of field north of Orchard Sowed it with Peas. Pm G harrowed it twice W Cler

27 G Plowed young Orchard I sowed it with Peas John finished rolling barly & Peas I sowed about a bag of Peas south of graveyard John ganged & harrowed them in which finished our seeding. W. east wind looks like rain

28 Chored. Made whiffletreees & double trees Am Fixed some fence PM. Old Christian Reesor was buried today. W. rain from east at times

Sunday 29 went to AB's John & girls went to JD's W. Cloudy this morning Cler today

30 G Picked stones off Meadow. I & John went fishing to Maxwells with JD got none Chored today. W. Cool. Cloudy

May 1 I took grist to mill then I & Gunn

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Name: Matilda Burkholder Gender: Female Age: 10 Birth Date: 1867 Birth Place: Pickering, Ontario Death Date: 4 Apr 1877 Death Place: Ontario, Ontario, Canada Religion: Mennonite Cause of Death: Diptheria

Marriage of John Hoover/Hannah Purdy

Name: John Reesor Hoover Age: 26 Birth Year: abt 1851 Birth Place: Markham, Ontario Marriage Date: 27 Mar 1877 Marriage Place: Canada, York, Ontario Father: John Hoover Mother: Elizabeth Hoover Spouse: Hannah Jane Purdy Age: 22

Name: Christian Reesor Birth Date: 13 May 1794 Death Date: 25 Apr 1877 Cemetery: Reesor Pioneer Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Markham, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Has Bio?: Y Father: Christian Reesor Mother: Veronica Reesor Spouse: Melissa Ann Reesor Children: Frederick Ernest Nelson Reesor William Reesor Albert Christian Grasett Reesor Darius Reesor Fanny Hawkins John Reesor Ann Reesor Christian Reesor URL: