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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 105.pdf

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July Aug 1877

Finished drawing barly drew 7 loads wheat below garden W. warm

Aug 1 Finished drawing in all wheat Mainland helpled Br C warm

2 began Cutting Oats Shower stopped us at 3 Pm heavy rain this evening hoed turnip

3 Finished Cutting & binding Oats W. fine Cool

4 G & J Mainland shocked Oats I & boys Cut road round spring wheat Cut & bound about 4 acres W. fine Cler Cool

Sunday 5 all went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C Sermon on Part of St John 5 C by R'd S Hoover RD Hoover's were here Pm. I Moyer's AB's & Br at supper. W. fair pretty warm

6 Cut spring wheat shower stopped us Pm

7 Finished Cutting spring wheat Am fine Crop I & Nancy went to Markham & JH Ramer's Pm. W. very heavystorm wind around north Pm . not much here

8 Pulled Peas with rake Mainland pulled little Piece below graveyard got done at supper

9 I & boys drew in fall wheat & barley rakings G hoed turnips W warm heavy thunder storm about 3 Pm Set Machine after supper

10 Threshed 268 boxes barly & 192 fall wheat great turnout of fall wheat this year W. fine

11 G helped CB's folks thresh I & boys drew in 2 loads Peas & 5 loads Oats I drew swail hay for H Stover after supper W. fine

Sunday 12 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by R'd S Hoover sermon on {blank space} by R'd Jos Barkey D Smith from Vaughn & Sister R'd Jos Barkey's were here Pm W rainy

13 G helped Br N's thresh boys ganged fallow we went to see upwards of eighty Shetland Ponies after supper at D Reesor {illegible} he imported them. W. warm

14 Chored AM G & boys scuffled & hoed turnips I & Nancy Started Pm went to Abraham Gr??es to supper & to Jos Shirks to stay all night. W. rain this morning

15 went to D Shaver's at noon & to JB Groves at supper W. very heavy rain in Whitchurch at noon none at home


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