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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 110.pdf

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Nov Dec 1877

30 weighed a ton of hay for Martin Barky ( he has bought J Reeves place & wares on 3rd Con Pickering) @ G & I top thrashed some oats sheave's & I went to Cedar Grove W. pretty Cold Cler frose pretty hard

Dec: 1 Chored G threshed Peas. W. pretty Cold

Sunday 2 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks & Sermon on {blank space} by Br C I & Nancy went to Br C's awhile Pm Br C's were here this evening. W. pretty Cold

3 I & Nancy helped AB's Kill hogs W. Milder

4 I & Nancy went to J H Ramer's had dinner of Venison saw a Bear that he shot in the northern woods he was away hunting five weeks got six deer & a bear W Milder some rain Pm

5 I helped JD's Kill hogs W. some rain

6 I helped Br S's Kill hogs G helped CB's W. Mild

7 G cut wood in old bush W. pretty Cold

8 G drew wood in shed from old bush W. Cler

Sunday 9 at home JD's were here W. fine Cler

10 I & Nancy went Markham & to Finlaws roads pretty good W. some snow Am soft Pm

11 I helped Br C's kill hogs G went home has a boil on his wrist W. fine Cler mild

12 I asked hands to thresh on Friday. W. very fine

13 I & John fixed up Machine W. mild very high wind tonight

14 threshed about 300 bus wheat & about 40 oats

15 Finished threshing Am about 300 bus oats W. very fine & mild for the season I went to Dyke's bush with Br S's he buys all my down pine & logs in the bush W. very mild

Sunday 16 went to Br S's W. Mild Cler

17 bean to fix and arch for boiling sap in Calf Pasture behind Cider house I & Nancy went to A Hoover's they live on Chris Ramer's old place W. very fine like April

18 G threshed Peas I Chored & Killed a calf Pm. W. frose hard, rain a little at bedtime

19 G finished threshing Peas I chored Am I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove Pm. W. fine mild like spring rainy Am

20 went to sale of Uncle CB's property Pm G went too Br inlaw Saml Hoover's were here at noon W. mild Cloudy

{Second Page}

Dec 1877 Jan 1878

21 Chored AM went to Cedar Grove Pm W. very Mild Cloudy

22 I. JD & his boy & Isaac Moyer went to F mans bay to Troll for Pikes caught none W. foggy very mild roads bad

Sunday 23 all went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks & sermon on St Mat 5 C by Br C went to Br N's after service. W. foggy & mild

24 I went to Markham, roads very bad. W. damp, foggy

Christmas day 25. went to Meeting at Hebron remarks & Sermon on St Luke part of 2nd C by Br C. went to Br C's Pm. W. mild foggy. trees covered with beautiful white frost. a very little rain this evening

26 G worked for Br C I & boys went shooting a while Pm. finished Arch for boiling sap. W. thawing ice off trees mild & soft People plowing all over

27 G sawed wood I & boys drew rails off townline east of lane to bush fence on 11th Con. W. like april bright & Cler I am certain I & Nancy saw yellow birds last week

28 Cleaned Peas Am G sawed wood & boys took grist Chop to Mill Pm. W. about like May

29 I & John dug pine roots behind barn Am & John dug Pm I & Nancy went to Markham W. fine Mild roads pretty bad yet

Sunday 30 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke rest of 2nd C by R'd S Hoover G & his folks were here Pm W. Colder

31 Chopped in old bush I & John sawed tops off posts barnyard fence Pm. W. sharp frost Cold wind G went home this evening he has 3 1/2 days to work yet inlaws Came to stay all night

January 1st 1878 went to AB's to quilting. W. Milder cloudy Pm

Chored. W. about an inch of snow. pretty Cold

Chored I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove Pm roads very rough. Cold & sharp

Cleaned some oats & chored in shop. W. snowed all day. mild

Washed double harness. I & JOhn went Fox hunting with JH Ramer in Scarboro. got one. snow about inches deep blowed hard last night. turnpike pretty bare

Sunday 6 Went to JD's W. very Cold. rough thin sleighing

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