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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 113.pdf

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Mar 1878

16 I & boys Chored & cut wood Am then we went to W Burkholdr's Sale Pm. I bout 2 turnip hoes @ 3 cts each Cylinder wrench & Irons 25ct & Market Sleigh @ $8.00. W. fine Cler roads very bad people get stuck several places

Sunday 17 went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks & sermon on St Luke 14 C by Br C went to br S's Pm W. Cool Cler

18 went to several of the neighbours Am to tell them that Abraham Wideman died yesterday Chored Pm W. Cler Cool wind

19 I & boys Cleaned seed Peas and some wheat W. Cler. some wind from N West

20 I & Nancy went to A Wideman's Funeral AB's went with us. roads some better sermon on 90 Psalm by Br C & S Hoover some English by John Boyer went to Finlaws. W. Cler sharp NW wind

21 I went to H Stover's & to M Fret's to see G Thoman to help cut wood tomorrow. I went to Cedar Grove Pm. W. pretty sharp

22 I & John & H Stover & G sawed wood with crosscut saw. dras that we had intended for Sawing Machine. W. mild. Cler.

23 Sawed wood. W. fine warm Cler

Sunday 24 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by R'd S Hoover sermon on St Mat 20 C by Br C Finlaws were here Pm W. very Cold blowup last night very Cold wind from north all day. frose hard

25 I & H Stover split wood W. Cold north wind

26 I & John went to Cherrywood brought home sleigh that I bought at W Burkholders Sale I went to a meeting at Hebron Pm to Consider the Propriety of repairing on enlarging the Meeting House decided to repair. W. milder ground white with snow roads pretty good

27 went to Br inlaw Saml Hoover's ground white with snow this morning, very warm today. all away again

28 Chored, a man got stuck at end of lane. staid all night with us, he came from Oshawa with a load of seeders. W. soft snow & rain nearly all day. roads very bad

{Second Page}

Mar April 1878

29. I & Nancy went to Toronto roads very bad till Markham road. south of 4th Con Scarboro pretty good after that Butter 22ct eggs 11cts W. fine {illegible} last night. warm today

30 I & boys pulled down & built up fence around Calf Pasture. W. raw wind

31 Sunday. I & Nancy went to Meeting at John Cober's. W. Cool wind. Cler

April 1 G E Thoman began work today @ 17.00 per month for a term of 8 months began to draw out Pine & Hemlock wood Dyke bush I went to Markham Pm deposited $60.00 in Savings Bank W. fine beautiful, roads getting better again drew out wood. W. fine Cler

drew out wood. W. fine Cler

drew out wood. JH Ramers came Pm I came home G & John nearly finished W. fine

G sawed wood & I & John went to Cedar Grove Mills brought home 12 bus Peas from Colon Reesor's @ 65 cts in barn Pm. W. fine warm Cler white frost last night

finished fence east of new barn Am began pulling down fence west of lane behind barn. then JB's Came . G split woodl W. very fine

sowed field near Br C's with Rio Grande on land wheat put in posts west of lane behind barn awhile Pm. W. W. warm air blowed up Cold Pm

Sunday 7 all went to Meeting at Altona remarks by R'd S Hoover sermon on St John C by Br C went to MN's after service John & girls went to Simon Hoover's W. Cold north wind. roads good

I & G Cleaned seed oats for us & Br N & John Plowed in furrows in big field Am G harrowed field Pm. I & Nancy went to Funeral of James Hilt's wife at Hebron Pm. W. fine

Sowed Poor land wheat below garden as far at a orchard Am worked in barn Pm strong east weind Am rain Pm heavy this evening

John & G Plowed in field behind barn I went to Cedar Grove Pm. W. Cloudy. showry Pm

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Current Page Discussion [edit] [history]

Second Page is missing first bit of each line (diary not open far enough during scan. Dates are missing, and occasionally words. I have guessed at some of the words to the best of my ability.


Name: Abraham Sherk Wideman Birth Date: 3 May 1824 Birth Place: Pickering, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Death Date: 17 Mar 1878 Death Place: Markham, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Cemetery: Wideman Mennonite Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Markham, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Has Bio?: N Spouse: Elizabeth Wideman Children: Anna Shank Elizabeth Jones URL: