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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 114.pdf

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Apr 1878

11 G Plowed I & John took Grist wheat to Mill Am I began to sow Oats in big field Pm W. warm

12 G Finished sowing big field with Oats John ganged east of orchard it is rather rough for the seeder. I sowed some of it with Fife wheat W. Cler. windy

13 G harrowed big field & finished plowing west part of field behind barn about 3 1/2 acres we intend to fallow the rest J & I ganged rest of field east of Orchard, except strip east of did Creek too soft then sowed with fife wheat John & Flavius brought home grist this evening. W. Cler. windy Cool

Sunday 14 all went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by Br C Sermon on Hebrews 11 C by R'd S Hoover we went to JD's Pm John & girls went to Br N's W. Cool

15 G harrowed east part of field east of dam then sowed Peas with seeder I sowed west part of fallow behind barn with Peas by hand 9 bus John harrowed it then began to roll spring wheat W. Cler. rather Cool

16 G finished sowing Peas 12 bus east of dam then harrowed it. then sawed wood John rolled all day. I & Nancy went to Markham & to JH Ramer's to dinner. W. fine. Cool air

17 John finished rolling our spring Crop G sawed wood Am helped me kill 2 meat pigs Pm W. warm as June. we have had an exceptional early spring. Cattle & sheep are running in the roads. grass is Coming nice & green fall wheat looks well. trees are begining to bud fine

18 I & John went to Toronto, sold 2 Pigs @ $6.00 per Cwt Oats @ 36 cts eggs @ 11 cts W. fine warm

Good Friday 19 went to Meeting at Hebron remarks & sermon on Isaiah 53 C by Br C went to Noah Burkholder's Pm. W. very fine warm. a little rain this morning

20 Made some straight fence west of lane behind barn & drove stakes around Calf pasture I went to JD's & rung his Pigs W. a little rainy Am warm Pm things are growing very fast

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April May 1878

Easter Sunday 21 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by BC sermon on St Mark 16 C by R'd Jos Barky Ann Sherrick was here PM staying all night W. Cool north wind. Cler

Easter Monday 22 at home all day W. east wind, rain Pm

23 Chored. G split wood. W. squally

24 I took Nancy & Ann Shirk to AB's this morning Mare Jess got sick on the way the road. had to leave her at AB's got some Medicine for her Came home left her. W. Cloudy. Am rain & very heavy storm of wind Pm. not much wind here

25 went this morning to bring home mare. is all right again. G split wood Am . Carried Potatoes out of Cellar Pm. W. fine Cler heard that a brick school house on Brock road 4th Con Pickering was party unroofed yesterday

26 Finished Carrying Potatoes & helped D Hare put on a load of our hay Am Cleaned wheat Pm. W. fne warm Cler

27 G was at home today I & boys Chored Am went to S M Pm. boys fished I bought doz sucker's W. foggy Am Cler Pm

Sunday 28 I & Nancy & boys went to Meeting at Wideman's remarks by Br C Sermon on St Mat part of 18 C by R'd Jos Barkey went to CB Hoover's Pm W. showers Pm

29 Cut seed Potatoes W. rainy all day I went to Whitevale Pm to Telegraph a Message to Dr Freel C's Ketusa has a very bad Cough a good while

30 I & John went fishing with JD & Lottern caught 65 Am. G & John pulled Pidgeon weed PM I went to Cherrywood W. fine Cler

May 1 Pulled down & build up bush fence along 11th Con W. fine Cler. I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove after supper Dunkin act in force today Bush green

Chored Am. drove stakes in bush fence Pm

Steady light rain Am. Cler Pm

went to Bee at Meetinghouse putting up poles & cleaning up graveyard. W. some rain Am & Pm

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Dunkin Act,majority%20vote%20in%20a%20referendum.

The first legislative victory for the prohibitionists was the 1864 Canada Temperance Act, also known as the Dunkin Act after its sponsor Christopher Dunkin. Under this legislation any municipality or county in the Province of Canada could prohibit alcohol following a majority vote in a referendum.

This act was extended to all of the Dominion of Canada in the 1878 Canada Temperance Act (the Scott Act). This latter Act was sponsored by Ottawa’s own, tea-totalling Sir Richard William Scott, who had been mayor of Bytown, member of Ontario’s Legislative Assembly for Ottawa from 1867 to 1873, and a Senator, and sometime federal Cabinet Minister, from 1874-1913. The first province to go “dry” was Prince Edward Island in 1901.