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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 115.pdf

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Mar 1878

4 Cleaned Wheat all day W. Cloudy Am. Cler Pm

Sundy 5 at home. Br S's were here W.

6 Chored & I & Nancy went to M Dykes Am. his wife was Confined yesterday. still born Daughter. I went with Matthew to bury it Pm. John & G Picked stones off big Meadow Brought home new Buggy W. very warm. Shows last night

7 I & Nancy went to S Lehman's they have a Son John & G sawed wood & Pulled down fence east of bush north part W. thunder last night rain this Morning, very growing weather, very early season apple trees in blossom. Cherry bloom about falling off I saw a growth of this years wood on a young Maple today fully eight inches long

8 Chored Am. went to a bee filling in low spot in graveyard where Meeting house stood. W. rain this morning warm today thunder storm this evening

9 I & Nancy went to Michael Fret's & to Markham W Clear, roads muddy. full of holes G & John Pulled down fence east of bush south part & kiiled Caterpillers & washed sheep

10 built up fence & bagged Potatoes

11 I & Flavius went to Toronto sold eggs @ 10 cts Butter 19cts Potatoes 48 per bag W. Cold

Sunday 12 I Nancy John & Girls went to Meeting in double Buggy remarks by R'd S Hoover sermon on suitable Text for Celebration of Lords supper by Br C went to Finlaws after service W. very Cold for the season a slight squaul of snow this morning

13 wired fence along bush on 11th Con & south half east of bush W. very Cold Am milder Pm

14 I & Nancy went to Markham Am began to draw dung on root ground Pm W. hard frst last night, ground frose a little Ice as thick as heavy window glass grass frose stiff

15 helped wash Meeting house Am N MN's were here J & G Finished drawing dung on Corn & Potato ground & spread it W. fine Cler

16 I sheared sheep G Plowed root ground W. white frost last night fine today

{Second Page}

May 1878

G Plowed root ground I & John Planted corn I went to Ceder Groves this evening. W fine Cler

Planted Potatoes. W. fine warm Cler

Sunday all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by R'd S Hoover suitable sermon for Celebrating of Lords supper by Br C Ann Shirk was here Pm. W. Showry, Cool.

Chored Am I & Nancy took wood to Altona Mills Pm. had supper at Br inlaw John Hoover's John & G spudded thistles W. very heavy rain wind Pm.

spudded Thistles I went to J Schnells sale Pm. bought 4 Chains @ 5ct each, Candlestick {missing} cts & Axe 5 cts. W. fine Cler cool

2 Chored. J & G spudded thistles I cut my left hand Pm. W. fine drying weather White frost last night, not very heavy

Chored. J & G spudded thistles W. Cler went to Cherrywood AM to see about getting our road scraper repaired. took it Pm

4 sorted Potatoes Am boys spudded thistles Pm I & Nancy went to Ceder Grove this evening heavy shower this Morning. Clear & warm today

Finished spudding thistles G Plowed turnip ground Pm W. Cler

Sunday 26 all went to Meeting we & little boys went D Ramers at dinner & Joe Wideman's at supper & girls went in new buggy W. shower at noon remarks by Joe Wideman sermon on {blank space} by S Hoover

G was doing his road work John & Herman got Nell & Frank shod & I went to Cherrywood M I & J Herman & Abram went fishing to rouge dead water. didnt bite well W. fine

I took 1285 lbs hay to JB John finished sowing turnip ground W. fine Cool Cler G doing road work Wheat heading out

I took wool to Altona G & J drew dung fallow JH Ramer's here at supper W. Cool Cler

Ascension day 30 at home Br inlaw John & Simon Hoover's were here W. fine Cler. Cool

drew dung on fallow behind barn I had Merry Nell shod at C Morrisons Then I & John took Henday {?} to Altona to get new Mould on . W. warm Cler

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