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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 118.pdf

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July Aug 1878

26 Chored G went home at noon W. rained heavy all day. raised water. very wet

27 I & Nancy went to Markham am. to execute a Deed for ground for Church yard Property about 1/2 acre that I sold for yard for Church & sheds boys & G hoed turnip I Cut road round spring wheat PM

Sunday 28 I & Nancy & boys went to Meeting at Altona remarks by R'd S Hoover sermon on St Luke 20 C by Br C went to Simon Hoover's Pm & to D Burkholder's at supper W. fine Cler. Cool

29 Cut bound & shocked Poor Land wheat south of old bush. W. Cloudy, drissly this evening

30 G & boys hoed & scuffled turnips AM Cut Poor Land Whead below garden Pm W. Cloudy AM. drissly this evening

31 I & boys John & Flavius went to Markham & G hoed turnips AM bound & nearly shocked last of Poorland Wheat till supper heavy rain after supper, very wet time

August 1 G hoed turnip I cradled road around fife wheat back of graveyard & he bound till noon then we cut last of Poor Land Wheat east of orchard till about 4 Pm then a heavy rain & thinder Shower Came up Lightning struck Henry Boyer's barn & burnt it with his hay & barly

2 G Cut road around Oats & shocked some wheat AM I drew load of hay for H Stover. very wet. Finished Cutting spring wheat & 5 rounds of Oats John drives the reaper. has boil on his hand

3 I cut Oats AM. John's hand very sore. G bound Spring Wheat. John drove Pm boil broke I & G bound Oats Pm. W. prety warm

Sunday 4 all went to Meeting at Ceder Grove remarks by Br C sermon on {blank space} by R'd S Hoover JD's were here Pm W. heavy rain Pm pretty warm

{Second Page}

Aug 1878

began binding spring wheat about 10. Am Finished at supper. then set Machine W. Cloudy

{??} & G shocked oats till about 1/2 past nine then hoed turnip boys & me asked hands to thresh. threshed Pm. about 180 bus Clawson wheat. pretty good Sample. W. rain this morning . Shower at noon. Cler Pm

G helped D Hoover thresh I & boys drew loads hay Pm. W. wind Cler girls went to Funeral of Michael Burkholder's Child Pm I & Nancy went to Henry Boyer's afte supper G bound Oats I & boys drew 11 loads spring wheat . W. warm. Strong wind Pm all Finished drawing spring wheat 12 loads W windy

Stacked hay behind Cider House 12 loads W. Cler

Sunday 11 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by R'd S Hoover sermon on St Luke 17 C by Br Burkholder girls & Nancy's Brother Enos & Jesse came here Pm. & Noah Burkholder at supper W. fine

I & boys bound Oats G helped M Dyke thresh fine Cloudy nearly all day

I & Nancy went to Toronto sold Lambs @ $7.75 for head. Butter 22cts eggs 16 cts boys bound Oats G helped M Dyke thresh Am helped boys Pm W. warm

Finished binding & shocking Oats till supper G Pulled headland of Peas after supper W. Cler Shower just before supper

I & boys drew 7 loads Oats G helped Br C thresh Benjamin Cut the Pupil of his right eye open with end of his knife handle trimming a switch of willow about 4 Pm I took him to Dr Robinson advised bathing with Cold water W. fair

drew 8 loads Oats. W. warm very heavy storm thunder & lightning north heavy rain here about 1/2 past 6 Pm

G & boys Cut Burrs & hoed turnips I got Nell & Frank shod Pm. heard about 1 or 2 barn in Whitechurch burned by Lightning last night. Dr was here this evening advised taking Benjamin to Eye Doctor in Toronto on Monday W. fine Creeks very high.

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Current Page Discussion [edit] [history]

Interesting to note this is the third mention of hand/wrist boils. BR, his hired hand Gleason Thoman and now his son John all seem to suffered from this ailment.

Mention of Clawson wheat - here is one of its offspring

Organic Red Clawson Wheat Seeds Triticum aestivum

Very Rare. Pkg contains only 25 seeds.

Was also known as "Early Red Clawson, Clawson, and Zeller's Valley".

Red Clawson was created in 1888 by crossing Clawson (a white wheat) and Golden Cross. This cross was created by A.N. Jones of Newark, Wayne County, N.Y.

It was advertised and carried by Peter Henderson & Co of New York City as early as 1889.

Winter planted.

Awnless (like many old wheats some awned types will present themselves).

Average plant height is 4', which is typical of heirloom types, but can be a problem with lodging in high wind areas.

Seed Head length is 3"-4".

Seed heads shatter easily when ripe, but easy to thresh. Care must be taken in harvesting.

Average of 6-7 seed heads per plant.

Historically grown in Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

1891 Peter Henderson Seed Company says...

"The earliest winter variety extant. This promising sort is a cross between the popular Golden Cross fertilized on the Clawson, partaking from the Golden Cross the compact head, dark red grain, extreme hardiness and strong, rapid growth, and from the Clawson baldness and red chaff, with very large kernels. It is without doubt the earliest sort yet known, enormously productive, yielding from 35 to 48 bushels per acre. We would call special attention to this sort on clay soils. The grain is very dark and hard."

from Name: Edith Amanda Burkholder Birth Date: 19 Dec 1877 Birth Place: Pickering, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Death Date: 5 Aug 1878 Death Place: Pickering, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Cemetery: Reesor Mennonite Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Markham, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada Has Bio?: N Father: Michael Burkholder Mother: Elizabeth Burkholder URL: