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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 123.pdf

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Ralph Hoover President, Green River Dr J.J. Moore Vice President, Brooklin Ont. F.H. Reesor Treasurer, Markham, Ont. D.R. Beaton Secretary, Whitevale, Ont.

The Home Telephone Company Limited

{Torn) 1877

I & Br C Started at 8 a.m & took train at Miliken for Toronto then by GT to Berlin arrived at 3 PM. Went to Rev A Martin's over night then to John Martins & to Thanksgiving Service at Martins Meeting House, Then to David Martins, awhile at Goods & C. Sniders, to Rev S. Webers Over Night, then to Thomans & to Conference at Berlin And to Widow Brubachers over night. Thet to Rev M. Erbs who showed me all through the Town. Then I took Train at 11.30 a.m. Met Br C at Breslau got to Markham 5 P.M. where my Boys Met us, got home found all well

7 I went to Kendrick for tackle for moving Buildings Moving

I helped move Meeting House got it half way (19) Finished

I & Nancy went to Chris Widemans at Almira to dinner & to Chirs Brillingers at supper & to Mart. Brillinger over night, then went to Meeting at Almira Rem. by R. Jos Barkey Ser. on St Luke pt of 16 ch. by Rev Ja. Wideman to Ab. Hoover

Sold wheat at Cedar Grove @ $1.22 per bus (Cayuga & {illegible})

S{illegible} 7 Meeting at Hebron No Preacher Br C. is away to Twenty Gleasons away to Waterloo John & Flavius Plowed (Hoover)

14 I & Nancy & little Boys to M. at Widemans Rem by Rev S. Ser. by Rev C Reesor o f Lancaster PA. (Lancaster P.A. All to M. at Hebron Rem by Br. C Ser. by Rev C. Reesor from Rev C Reesor & Wife & J Nissly & wife were here (even

I took Joe Wideman from Hay Tp. to Chris Stovers He I & Br C. went to Toronto Sold Butter 22 1/2 egg 22 chickens about 34cts I bought some Bran at Major Mill @$10.00 Per ton

Sun 4 All to M. at Hebron Re. by Br. C Ser by Rev. Honsberger from Pa. Jacob & David Gotshalk came to stay all night (5) I & Nancy took Gotshalk Bros. to Saml Reesor's at dinner, Then to Meeting at Widemans where Honsberger Preached, Then we left them at Jonas Ramers No were P.M. with C Rittenhouse & Wife & Hoch & wife from Cayuga Speight Wagon Works in Markham were burnt last NIght

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Current Page Discussion [edit] [history]

This appears to be rough notes, or repetition of some entries from the 1877 diary. It may be a transcription by someone else of BR's diary. Handwriting is neater.

Odd inscription/letter head at the to: The Home Telephone Company Limited

Alexander Graham Bell had only just invented the telephone in 1876/77, so it is highly unlikely that a group of Mennonite farmers/doctors outside of Markham had access to this new technology yet. Does Home Telephone refer to something else?

history of the telephone in Toronto