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Roseltha Goble Diary, 1868


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Rates of Postage

Letters to any part of Canada, if prepaid, 5 cents; if unpaid, 7 cents, per half ounce. Lettters to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward's Islan, 5 cents per half ounce - prepayment optional. Letters to Newfoundland, 12 1/2 cts. per half oz. Letters to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, if specially addressed via Royal Mail Steamer from Boston - Newfoundland 12 1/2 cents, Nova Scotia 12 1/2 cents, per half ounce. Letters to Great Britain and Ireland, by Canadian Packet, 2 1/2 cents, per half ounce; by Cunard Packet, 17 cents per half ounce. Letters for the United Kingdom must be prepaid, or they will be charged a fine of 6d. sterling on arrival in England. Letter for the United States, 10 cts. per half oz. Letters for British Columbia, 10 cents per half ounce. Registration Charges. - To any place in British North America, 2 cts; to United Kingdom, 8 cts.; To United States, 5 cts. Newspapers, Periodicals, &c.- Single Newspaper, 1 cent. The following rates will be charged quarterly on Newspapers, if mailed from office of publication, and prepaid:- Daily, 40 cts.; Tri-weekly, 20 cts.; Bi-weekly, 13 cts.; Weekly, 6 1/2 cts. per quarter. Periodicals.- To any part of Canada, one or more numbers, if not exceeding 4 ounces, 1 cent; to the United Kingdom, per Canadian Packets, 2 cents each number, to be prepaid by postage stamp. Parcel Post.- The charge on Parcels to any place in Canada is 25 cts. per lb. Circulars and other printed matter of a like character, and Books, is 1 ct. per ounce, to be prepaid.

Transcription Tips

  • Follow the example of transcribing provided in the first few PDF files of this diary.
  • Click Edit when you’re ready to start transcribing.
  • Click Detach to move the transcription box to a convenient location.
  • Copy the text as it is, including misspellings and abbreviations.
  • Start each new day with a new line. Otherwise ignore spacing and alignments.
  • Use toolbar heading options for any headings in the text, i.e. diary titles.
  • Use toolbar table generator for any tables in the text, i.e. finance records.
  • Use toolbar comment option to add your own comments, i.e. illegible text or uncertain names or description of drawings.
  • Use toolbar stroke through text option to transcribe crossed-out text.
  • When done press "Save Transcription" to save your work.
  • View more transcription tips.

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