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Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1922

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This War Tax is to be prepaid by the senders by means of a War Stamp for sale by Postmasters and other postage stamp vendors. In the event of failure on the part of the sender through oversight or negligence to prepay the War Tax on each letter or post card above specified, such letter or post card will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. It is essential that postage on all classes of mail matter should be prepaid by means of ordinary postage stamp. The War Tax Stamp will not be accepted in any case for the prepayment of postage.


Canada, the United States or Mexio, 1 cent. Great Britain, Newfoundland, etc, 2 cents. Private post cards- Upon all cards intended for use as private post cards, "Private Post Card" must be printed or written. Size of card must not exceed 6 inches in length by 3 5-8 in width. The name of sender printed on face of card.


Canada, the United States or Mexico, 2 cents per 1 oz ; Great Britain, Newfoundland, and various other British possessions and protectorates, 2 cents per 1 oz. Foreign countries- Letters, 5 cents per oz, or fraction thereof, and 5 cents for each additional oz, fraction thereof. Registered letters for Canada, United States, Great Britain, and Europe, 5 cents in addition to postage. Cities having letter carrier service, drop letters 1 oz, 1 cent of fraction.


Canada, United States, Mexico, Great Britain and all Postal Union countries, 1 cent per 2 oz. Limit of weight to Canada, 5 lbs, but a single book 10lbs. : United States and Mexico, 4 lbs. 6 oz., and to United Kingdom, 5 lbs. Size 30 in. in length and 1 ft. in width or depth, must be open at ends. For foreign post limit of weight, 4 lbs. 6 oz.


Less than 1 oz, posted singly, 1-2 cent. Per 4 oz., 1 cent (See Postal Guide.)


The dimensions of a Parcel must not exceed 30 inches in length by 1 foot in width or depth, nor combined length and girth 6 feet ; dimensions of parcel for other than the United Kingdom not to exceed 30 inches in length by 1 ft. in width or depth. A Parcel must not contain any explosive, combustible, or dangerous articles. All Parcels must be securely and substantially packed and closed. Parcels from the United Kingdom or any other place beyond the Dominion will be liable to Canadian Custom duties, and under existing regulations must be

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