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Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary, 1914-1918

Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) Baker handwritten 1914-18 30.pdf

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{In between pages is a newspaper clipping about the McIntyre-Chant wedding, partially cut off. The part that is legible reads: "Two popular young peole of the city joined hands at the matrimonial altar at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sperrin Chant, 19 Balaclava street, when Miss Evaline Berryman Chant, their eldest daughter, became the bride of Alfred Merlin McIntyre, 37 Inkerman street.

The ceremony was solemised by Rev. W.E. Millson and Rev. W.A. Bremner, and the bride was given away by her father. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Oleavia H. Chant, and the groom by his brother, Wm. McIntyre. The wedding march was rendered by Miss Sanders. Miss Grace Sutherland acted as flower girl, and Miss Ila Shaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Shaw, acted as maid in attendance.

The bride was most becoming gowned in white duchess silk and silk embroidered chiffon rose trimming, and carried a shower bouquet of bride roses and lily of the valley.

The bridesmaid was very pretty in pink duchess silk and white marabout, and carried a bouquet of pink roses."}

Nov. 15. Very blustry. Cyril & I go to S.S. {Ent?}.

" 16. Cold. Snowy.

" 17. Fine. Dad goes after Louie.

" 18. Milder. Cyril & I print picture. Poured rain heavy all night.

" 19. Cloudy. Mild. Windy.

" 20. Windy. Snowy. Cora Wilson came home from town with dad & I.

" 21. Very windy. Dad Cora and I to church League Anniversary. John & Cyril to tea.

" 22. Quite fine. Louie took Cora to town.

" 23. Fine. Milder.

" 24. Cloudy. Cyril at night.

" 25. Fine. Indian Summer.

" 26. " " Mr. Hutton here.

" 27. Rainy. Dad & I to market. Attend Teacher's meeting. Alice Auckland & I go down to Mabel's.

" 28. Colder Fine. Mr. Mrs. Martin at Mabels. Alice went home.

" 29. Cold. Stormy. George & Mabel go to town.

" 30. Snow. Cold.

Dec. 1. Milder. Snowy. Came to town on car. Met Louie & Roy. She and I came home with Paulina. Cyril at night.

" 2. More snow about 1". Fine. Applied for Frome school.

" 3. Fine cold. Went to up to visit Leola's school.

" 4. Partly snowy. Dad & I to town I stay take my first china painting lesson meet Frome trustees and come home with Louie & John. Cold.

Dec. 5. Fine. Dad & I to church. Mabel George & baby here Cyril too. Roy to Dunboyne.

" 6. Stormy. Dad to town.

" 7. Dad & I go to Frome I hire for 1 yr. at $6.50, board at $4. Albert Miller found dead.

" 8. Stormy. Louie to town & I go to Delia Games Cyril, Roy {illegible}

" 9. Fine but cold. Snowy. Go to Emerys

" 10. Fine. Albert Miller buried. Louie Dad to funeral. Cold. Snow. Had 1st cutter ride with mailman.

" 11. Very cold. Some cutters Dad & I to town. Took china painting lesson. Roy home from Toronto.

" 12. Fine. Snowy at night. Tena & John here. Roy & I go to Bernices. Go to Union church at night.

" 13. Fine. Cold. Pearl & I to Mrs. King's in afternoon then Bernice & I to school. Go to practice at church at night.

" 14. Tremendously cold N.W. wind. Ride with Mrs. King up to Mr. McConnells there to dinner. John McKnight's in afternoon. Mrs. Nomans to tea. Mrs. Churchills in evening & Mrs. Nomans all night. Cold.

" 15. Go with Cora & Gordon Gillott to town to get books for S.S. scholars

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