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Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary, 1914-1918

Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) Baker handwritten 1914-18 34.pdf

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out home. Louie {Luella, sister} & Mrs. Churchill went after them. Cyril at night.

26. Regular blizzard all day. Roy goes to Tremblay's store & night back. Clarence and Paulina here in evening.

" 27. Blizzard yet. No one to church. Cyril & I to Frome. Terrible time getting through snow drifts. Stop at Talbotville to phone & get warm. Upset, go thro fields, climb fences, walk, horse fell down, etc. Mr. Waite here alone. Cyril stays all night. Cold.

" 28. Fine. Roads are opened. Cyril leaves here about 1.30 Mrs Moyer arrives about {3.30?}

" 29. Fine. Little warmer.

Mar. 1 Fine. Cold.

{Newsprint transfers from clippings obscures the next date, but her style indicates this is a new day, Mar. 2} Cold. Went to Mission Church to Mrs. Walker's. Spent evening.

" 3. Fine.

" 4. Cold wind. Went to town Attended Teacher's meeting. Sleighing quite good.

" 5. Fine Cold. SS. & church here. Go to Shedden for a drive with Mrs. Moyer & Mr. Waite. Cold.

" 6. Windy, blizzard turning to ice storm & rain. Heavy thunder & lightning at night.

" 7. Fine, warm, windy in morning. Went west for a walk. Mild.

" 8 Very stormy day. Prohibition petition presented in Toronto.

Mar. 9. Fine until about 1/4 to 4. Then began a tremendous blizzard. Went to Mrs. N. Mc Gugan to Ladies Aid. He brought us home.

" 10. Blustry all day. Mr. Waite took me to car. Dad met me in town. Cyril at night.

" 11. Grand day. Roy Louie & I to town. Take lesson. We go to Churchill's in evening Mild.

" 12. Almost raining. Dad & I go to church then to Mabel's to dinner. Mr. & Mrs. J Tracey at our place to tea. Cyril too. We come to Frome. Mild.

" 13. Fine day. Colder. Mr. C. Churchill's loading their goods for North West.

" 14. Cold. Blustry at times.

" 15. Cold. Go to Mrs. C. McLean's to tea. Then to prayer meeting.

" 16. Fine. Milder. Mr. & Mrs. T Baker call at school.

" 17. Fine but cold. Went to Mrs. P. Silion's to choir practice.

" 18. Very cold & blizzardy. Go to town. Take lesson. Call in at Mrs. A McLean's in evening.

" 19. Fine but cold. SS & church twice. Go to Mrs. R. Leeson's to dinner & tea.

" 20. Fine turning to blizzard. Cold.

" 21. Fine. Mild. Snowing in evening.

" 22. Blizzardy. More snow. Cold. Received $165 in {above line: paid} payment of salary and paid $40 board.

" 23. Cold. Went to Mrs. Walkers to Ladies Aid.

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