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William Thompson Diary, 1842-1847

William Thompson Diary handwritten 1841-47 14.pdf

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1843 April

Sunday 9 Chas on Nell with Letter chrs T to Ellen - Isaac ret'd at 4 from Alex's with A. & Mr Macullock to Tea Snow Show'rs
Monday 10 another Lamb, a Ram bot Befses on - Jefsy stuck in Potato field WEst sold & delivers to Sharman a Load Straw from Barn for $ 2.. to acct bro't from 2H - a Load of Bricks about 300 Is Chr & Chas (Mares) had Snow Shoes pruned a few apple Trees - Currant Bushes on West side of Garden still invisible - Snow nearly as high as the fence at upper end sold him also ( but not delivered) 20 Bush'ls grown peas @ 3/yk p Bl fine 26 26
Tuesday 11 Bro't from 24 2 Loads Bricks about 600 - Chas with oxen took 20 Bush'ls Peas (grown) to Sharman @ 3/.yk - $7 1/2 = L 1. 17.6 fine 18 32
Wednesday 12 Bro't from 24 last load of Bricks - door's & other Lumber - Sifting Peas &c evening Christ'n W'd M.ol in Sleigh to Stratford - took up Letters W.T to Mr Cookson 45 Torrington Square inclosing Power of Att'y for sale of L18.01.11 Re'd 3 pC.{illegible} W.T & J J Rawlinson - ride 8 ins't Mrs T to Mrs Jos & Martha Larkin to Ann To lumber at Cooksons Mr & Mrs Gournlock stop'd a minute in papant for Galt fine 20 34
Thursday 13 Sifting Peas - making a new Pole to Waggon aft'n Chas to Stratford to get Customers for Veal Jefsys Calf proposed to be kill'd tomorrow Nelly found dead this morning at Williams barn. blown to great size Sold Sebrin a Bushel Peas & received $1/2 showry 30 40
Friday 14 Chas to Stratford accomp'd by Mrs T - took Nellys & her Calfs skin & sold them to Ray to Cr of my acco't 41 1/2 lbs & 4 cts 8/3 7 lbs @ 10 cts 3/6 11.9 paid Mrs T the above pd (sold 1/4 veal to Mr Kirby - 1/4 to Trome & 2 quarters to Mrs Jackson Delivered to Mr Linton for - Mackelier 2 Bls Peas @ 2/6 fine 34 43
Saturday 15 Chopping Trees for Firewood & hauling Is & pottering all at home Alex to Tea fine 40 40
Sunday 16 Boys morning at Runkins grinding their axes - aft'n splitting rails north Hemlock fine 28 41
Monday 17 Emily to Stratford - pd for cumlsic for Emily & Bonnet snow sh'rs 35 36
1843 April
Tuesday 18 snow & Blust all day - pottering - Christ'n for the day at Kirby's Snow all day high wind 34 34
Wednesday 19 Christ'n continues at Kirbys - Chopping trees & splitting for Rails, South Wm Smiths, w'n Black Creek wants 10 Bush'ls Pease to be left at Lintons p Lintons Note, cloudy 32 37
Thursday 20 Christ'n at Kirbys - Is Chas & W'd chopping for Rails as yesterday fine 35 35
Friday 21 Do ------------- Is & W'd {large blank space} Chas & I with oxen & Cast to Stratford - left at Lintons 10 Bush'ls Peas for Wm Smith @ 2/6 to pay 10 @ 15 May - left @ Mill Bls Wheat to be ground - cannot be Done in {illegible} a fortnight - got from MrCarthy his order JJE Linton for my favor for whatever Bal. due to former to this Date may now remain in hands of the latter. our Agricultural Soc'y has now rec'd the L50 from Geo' Man's Company - & the a{illegible} Prem'n on stock &C shows in Oct last will be p'd 1st May Letter from Mr Jones demanding payment of 1st Instalm of 1st Instalm Lot 37. 2'd Con: L 11.5 & hs 10/6 on 2g ins. at Stratford. beautiful 26 48
Saturday 22 Christ'n still at Kirbys - Sifting Peas. cleaning Stables &c -- Rankins gloomy m aft'n rain 42 50
Sunday 23 Christ'n came home at 3 - had slept at Alex's Kirby to be debited for 3 1/2 days 52 54
Monday 24 Chas to Stratford morning / bro't from Dalys a Canister Powder to blast Hemlock Logs &c for Rails - Cushes had 1 Bush'l bals 3/yk & 1 Bush'l grown Peas 3/yk - Sherricks at MCullocks wants said Peas. Jackson Do -- Dr Flyn Do -- tried to split Hemlock by blasting but did not succeed - Chas @ 4 1/2 to Stratford to dine with the St Georges Society at Jacksons fine 42 38
Tuesday 25 Chas ret'd from the St Georges dinner about 11 oc this morning and then fruitless attempt to split logs by blasting - sold to Andrew Sherk 10 Bush'ls Spring Wheat @ 5/york & rec'd his Note payable 1st June p L 2.10 @ y - sent to Lintons P Shirk for --- 2 Bls Sp. Wheat @ 5/ yk not wanted, having been supplied elsewhere one of the {illegible} Sheep had 2 Ram Lambs today. had from Daly Rhubarb - Soda & Sugar Candy fine 39 50

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