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William Thompson Diary, 1842-1847

William Thompson Diary handwritten 1841-47 94.pdf

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1847 March

Friday 19 Sold W Cowmans 14 Bush's Sib'n Wheat -- 2.18. 3 1/2

for Seed @ 6/8 yk 9 B'l -- to Dr Simons acco't

Paid Wilfred so much advancd to Tom Daly
2 6 fine & mild
J Charnock Bal'ce P acco't ten't old Whalley killd by a branch falling when chopping ~ 3 7 1/2
Saturday 20 W'd to Stratford - brot a Letter to Mrs B - 9d who pd postage to him chopping firewood &c &c -- heavy rain before day & heavy snow during day
Sunday 21 All at home - H Roper Calld - goes tomorrow m'g in T. Dalys Wag'n to Hamilton to be placed with W.P. McLaren Hail & Snow even'g
Monday 22 took to Mr Ropers a Parcel addrefsed to John, containing Seeds for himself & a similar packet for him to send to Henry when opportunity offers

Rankin & W'd removed Mill from our Barnyard to his R's premises

Laird Stewart calld with a subscription list for the Irish & Scotch

pd him & enterd my name -- --- $2

young Hamilton came today at noon - young Reynolds re Lots
10 ~ Do Do before day tol.
Tuesday 23 Wilfred & Matthew winnowing Fall Wheat Hail & Snow showers
Wednesday 24 rec'd of James Henry Izard for old Great Coat --- 12 6 fine
& paid him Hines order for Taxes -- last years acc't

Wilf'd & Mat winnowing & bagging M & Emily walkd to Stratford

brot fm P Office a Canadian - & letter Octo to Martha not pd.
3 3
Thursday 25 W'd & Mat winnowing morning - aft'n W'd with Waggon to Stratford for repairs - gave him Silver 10 for mat shop pd 7/6 ret'd 2.6} vide 26th

firewood & hauling

sent parcel of Seeds flower & veg'bleto Mr Roper Pigeons Robins Blues {in bold}
tol. ev'g cold
Friday 26 W'd to Stratford - brot home Waggon - pd for Lumber & repairs to Do 7 6 fine very cold wind
Saturday 27 Do Do brot fm P. Office Letter Mr to Mrs B not pd 9d pd by Mrs B. in Papers chopping firewood & pottering Mat Do left after dinner fine milder
Sunday 28 all at home - sent to P. Off. p H Izard letter Mrs to Mr B. Do --
Monday 29 W'd taking down Bed in kitchen & putting up a Bin for Fall Wheat & brought in from Barn 17 Sacks - chopping firewood - no Mat. Hamilton fine mild day
Tuesday 30 Sold 10 1/2 Bush'ls Fall Wheat @ 6/8 yk & rec'd 2 3 9 sharp frost & cold morn'g after 3 @ 4 Hail & Snow thunder & lightning snow some {illegible}
the young Ropers here to tea - about 8 Coldwell borrowd Waggon

his Conveyance having broken down near the bridge - Mifs Daly came after dinner - delayed by the storm & Emily accomp'd her to Stratford - getting seats in an upward team - snowing fast

pd Martha for Mrs Stewarts Butter acco't to this time --
6 3 1/2
1847 March
Wednesday 31 Emily ret'd from Stratford in Cutter with Mrs & Mifs Daly bringing Letters from Aunt Jane to self & Mrs Joseph to Mrs T. - pd & from Isaac to Wilf'd re Lots not pd

pd Thomas Lathy on acco't Wages this day -- $1.5.

& pd Wilf'd so much advancd by him to Tom 18th ins't --- 2.6 } prec't W'd & Pat Drummond who came this morning to breakfast

getting in Load Hay from South Stack - winnowing wheat & getting into Kitchen
1 5 0 fine
Thursday 1 Emily to Stratford - pd Jno J E Linton, Doctor Porters acco't 1 visit prece't 10 ~ aft'n & ev'g Snow show'rs
Do -- Mitchells acco't pd

W'd @ 8 to Scotts Mill Hamburg with 10 B'ls Fall Wheat could not be ground today

Pat at Sugary & evening chopping firewood

took letter to P. Office Self to Henry, inclosing one from Wilf'd to Isaac - aline fm Mrs B to H'y Is or Ch'r - & a Bill Exch of L20 on C.C.C
7 8 1/2
good Friday 2 rec'd of Alex Orr - Hec 45 W'd preparing Sugary 5 ~ fine
Saturday 3 Mr Barron arr'd p Stage @ 12 1/2 am

Wilf'd hauling rails from back of Triangle to road opposite & from W. Side of Road West

Pat at Sugary &c gave Martha to send to Chas by Mr Barron for 2 Lambs wool vests $2 Note

7 1/2 out }
9 4 1/2 fine
Sunday 4 Mr B left p Stage about 7 pm - Pat at home for the day immense flights of Pigeons daylight till 10 - fine
Monday 5 W'd & Pat at Sugary - morn'g & aft'n very few Pigeons gloomy aft'n ev'g & 8 @ 12 thunder lightning & some rain
Tuesday 6
Wednesday 7 Rankin brot from P.Office 6 o 7 Papers 2 Canadian 3 Inqu'rs &c &

none fm Mr B.

a money Letter at the Office
Thursday 8 {in left margin} accommodated a Yorksh man & lot of Cattle rec'd $1 W'd 2/6 Self 2/6 Emily to P. Office brot Letter fm Isaac inclosing Dollar Notes amo't L24 being with 1/6 postage L24 1/6 - amo't of Letter of {illegible } on Com'n Can'a Comp'y pL20 Stg N. 4091 - dated 22 feb 47 to my order rec'd 2 6
Paid Reynolds for alt'g Hector & Pigs rec'd of Do acco't of Mrs T's acco't 10 - & pd Martha 6 3
Friday 9 W'd & Pat at Sugary m'g aft'n N.W. Corner Fence So of Road Sold Mr Roper 1/2 Ton Hay @ 8 -- 1 ~ ~ fine
Saturday 10 Hauling & putting up rails in Paddock next road Reynolds alt'g Boars Sows

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